Which Is The Best Online Backup Solution For You?

All of your precious files and programs are just one hard drive crash from being destroyed forever, not to mention that other storage units like USB drives can be easy to misplace or break. It may be wise to backup your existing content with an external hard drive, but storing your files online allows the advantage of being stored securely at an off-site server. So even if your property is hit by some unforeseen disaster or your property is stolen, your data will still be safely stored away.

How to choose the best cloud backup package

When choosing an online backup solution there are a vast number of services and features that might be useful or necessary to you. Does it run on my operating system? Does it fit my budget? Does it allow file sharing? How much storage space do I get? These and many other features will need to be considered before you commit yourself to an online storage unit. We will go through various services that offer a variety of features and price ranges so that you choose the perfect service for you.

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Online Backup Solution


If your online storage space requirements do not exceed 5GB, you can backup your files for free with iDrive. The free version of iDrive offers the same features as the premium version, just with less storage space. Features include multiple device backup. You can backup as many PC and Mac devices as you want, all on a single account. iDrive automatically recognizes when a file or folder is modified and will back it up in real-time. You can login via the browser on any computer to retrieve your data.

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If you have Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, or Mac OS X Lion and your storage needs do not exceed 7GB, then SkyDrive can be a great way to store your files. You can upload files on your PC to Skydrive and access the files from any computer or smartphone that can run SkyDrive. It allows for email and social network sharing, which means you can quickly and easily share your files with friends and contacts. You can give these users permission to view or edit these files. Skydrive also gives you the option to upgrade for more storage space.

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Carbonite offers unlimited storage across every one of its pricing plans, making it a good alternative for those who need a lot of storage space. Carbonite is very rich in features, including automatic backup, files accessible from anywhere, file encryption, and much more. The downside to Carbonite is that is can be quite expensive, especially if you require backups on multiple computers or devices.

Backing up your files online is the best way to disaster-proof your precious data. When choosing a backup solution, you have to keep in mind whether the service offers enough storage space, fits within your budget, and offers enough features to keep you satisfied. Also, think about how much your files are worth to you, as this may be a deciding factor on whether or not you are willing to spend a little extra for the added security or features.

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