Ways to Improve the Office Atmosphere

Any office will have problems – the beauty of operating a business well comes from handling these obstacles. As it’s generally perceived to be the management’s responsibility to bring about the right decisions and show the paths out of any issue that might come up, they can’t always be right. Since the company is built up from a system of cogwheels operating aligned with each other, top level can’t always see into smaller parts.

As they are just as important as the big picture, it’s important to have the voice of employees responsible for smaller tasks heard. Even though their tasks might be menial, a problem there can result in a problem somewhere higher that’ll result in a financial fiasco.

Keeping up a high office morale results in higher productivity. This is an established fact and can’t be argued with. How do we get about to do so? We can’t always have one-on-one meetings with every single employee, however we need feedback from them. What we can do is issue opinion surveys every now and then. It’s best to make it a recurring survey the employees have to fill out every monthly or so. It shouldn’t take longer than fifteen minutes to do so and everyone will be happy to have his or her voice heard.

Office Atmosphere

As everyone is different, most likely our employees will be a various set of people. Some are more out going, some are quiet, some obnoxious some shy. The common grounds will be their professional approach – why we hired them in the first place. But in order to truly tap into what they have to offer we need to give them a voice. Whilst we can always ask them directly what they think, often this is impossible.

One of the great benefits of an opinion survey is the anonymity. As employees will be given the freedom to fill out the surveys without fearing any bad reception from their bosses, the answers will be honest. This doesn’t mean the employee is keeping up a façade and lying to us, but who in their right state of mind would challenge their manager? Think about every day, small issues.

For example the manager put up a motivational poster in coffee room where a cat urges you to think for yourself. Someone in the office is chronically afraid of cats, but no way will they challenge their manager’s taste in “art”, therefore they’ll be constantly thrown off by the image. This s a very specific example, but the analogy works for almost any office related day-by-day task and situation.

Opinion surveys will give space for each and every employee to voice their concerns. Let it be something small like the number of plants in the office to more serious, managerial decisions. It’s always good to hear a wide array of opinions and these are the best grounds for improvement. Often times the shiest employees have the best insights and ideas – this is the platform for those to be heard.

Guest Author : Author Victoria Abrams on behalf of Opinionoutpost.com.

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