Using Mosaic to Spice up Your Kitchen

It matters not how much attention you have paid to the layout, design and colouring of your kitchen, sometimes it just ends up feeling a bit bare and lacking in personality, taste or style. Mosaic is a great way to add a touch of personal taste and style to any room. The colourful nature of mosaic and the number of colour and finish options available to you also add a feeling or warmth and fullness to the kitchen. Today we are going to go through the ways you can use mosaic to spice up your kitchen!

1) Splash Backs

Splash backs around your work tops and at the back of your cooker don’t always have to be in matching tiles. Using mosaic instead of plain tiles will add a dash of warmth to your kitchen. You can also customize the style of the mosaic to suit your personal taste, as mosaic gives far more options than tiles do. You can have anything from sparkly gold to an image of cooking pot as your cooker splash back. As splash backs are often an optional extra, try using mosaic to enhance your kitchen and give it the tone and warmth you want that tiles are simply not able to offer you.

2) Breakfast Bar

The breakfast bar is often a focal point of any kitchen as it tends to be right in the centre of the room. Mosaic can be used over the whole breakfast bar, or in the central part of the breakfast bar to give it a customized look. Mosaic trim which runs all the way around the breakfast bar is a very nice touch, as it shows attention to detail, and with well-chosen colours for your kitchen, will provide a nice frame for the bar.

3) Sink

A very nice way to jazz up a very boring and functional part of the kitchen is to use mosaic in the sink. This is particularly good looking in small, modern design kitchens that use blacks as their base colour – where silver mosaic make the sink a decorative rather than functional part of the kitchen. It’s also a nice way of making the most out of every design opportunity your kitchen has to offer!

Mosaic Kitchen

4) Work Tops

Ok, using mosaic on your workshops does sound like a bit of colour and detail overload, but done correctly, mosaic work tips can really jazz up a kitchen and add a whole lot of life to an otherwise dull and boring part of the home.

5) Tile Trim

If you have tiled walls in your kitchen, and the tiles cover only part of the wall space, then you may find that the sudden cut off of tile on the wall gives an unfinished, incomplete sensation to the room. Adding a trim to the top of your wall tiles in the form of a mosaic trim will give that completed effect, and make it obvious that covering only half of the walls was intentional (!) Mosaic trim is also another opportunity to add a touch or personality and taste to the kitchen.

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