Tourist Attractions to Be Aware of When Traveling to Myanmar

Myanmar is a sovereign state located in Southeast Asia, and it is surrounded by some of the most-known Asian countries, such as Thailand, India or China. Myanmar is a country rich in resources and it is the 40th most populated country in the world, with no less than 60 million inhabitants.

Having said that, if you think about traveling to this country and you have enough time to visit its amazing attractions, here you will find some of the most appealing attraction spots you should take into consideration:

1. The Inle Lake

Inle Lake

The Inle Lake is known all over the world for the mystery and beauty it exudes. Basically, this is an isolated lake located in the mountains, and the surroundings make you feel as if you are in the middle of a fairytale – people have built houses right on the lake. The whole location is very peaceful and serene and it is perfect if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. As a matter of fact, you can even rent boats and explore the Inle Lake in all its beauty. This location is undoubtedly a great choice to relax and recharge your batteries!

2. The Golden Rock

The Golden Rock is another popular tourist attraction, especially for the more religious tourists, as it is considered to be a sacred placed. Actually, the history of the Golden Rock is still a mystery even for the locals, as the rock has managed to stay in perfect balance for centuries in a row, despite the fact that it weighs around 700 tons. No matter if you are a pilgrim or just a tourist who is interested in seeing this masterpiece of nature, the Golden Rock is certainly worthy of your time!

3. Yangon

If you travel in Myanmar, then you should consider visiting Yangon. This is the largest city in the country, as it has no less than 5 million inhabitants. Basically, Yangon has it all: here you can find anything from places of deep spiritual nature to museums, parks and gardens. If you want to get a deeper insight into the history, culture and traditions of Yangon and Myanmar, then you must visit the local museums. Some of the main attraction spots in Yangon are Botahtaung Pagoda (one of the most important worship sites in Myanmar), the Karaweik Hall, the Yangon Zoo and the Yangon Payas (Pagodas).

4. Bagan

Bagan is currently the capital city of Myanmar, and it is filled with captivating tourist attractions – as a matter of fact, you are lucky if you have enough time to explore all of them; having said that, some of the most interesting and appealing attraction spots in Bagan are the Ananda Temple, the well-known Bagan Archaeological Museum, the Htilominlo Temple or the Sulamani Temple. As you may have already noticed, Myanmar is a very spiritual and religious country, and this aspect is reflected in the numerous temples you can find throughout the country.

5. Mount Popa

If you travel in Myanmar, then you must not miss the popular Mount Popa, especially if you are passionate about history, mystery and ancient telltales. In a nutshell, Mount Popa is a volcano located in the middle of the forest – it is true that it is a bit difficult to access, but it is certainly worth it, as this place is filled with history and tradition. Moreover, Mt. Popa is also known for hosting a wide-variety of endangered species, and here you can also find numerous herbs and plants the locals have been used for centuries in traditional medicine.

6. Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda is undoubtedly the most visited tourist attraction in Myanmar, as it is considered to be not only the oldest pagoda on Earth, but also the center of Buddhism in this country. The legend says that this pagoda is covered in more than 30 tons of pure gold, along with a large number of jewels and gems buried inside. In addition, here you can also find various wood carvings and sculptures.

To summarize, these are the 6 most interesting and most popular tourist attractions in Myanmar (or Burma). If you want to travel in Myanmar, then you should take into account these attraction spots, as they best reflect the history, religion and culture of this amazing country.


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