Top 7 Volunteering Niches

There are volunteering opportunities everywhere. No matter what your specific interests or motivations are for volunteering if you look hard enough you will be able to discover plenty of volunteering opportunities. This is a brilliant thing as you can really funnel your passion into something you enjoy and really help certain people or organizations out.

By far one of the best things about volunteering is that who you are or how you start doesn’t matter when it comes to getting involved. It could be part of your enterprise corporate social responsibility program to get you participating in volunteering or a person just wanting to make a difference. Whoever you are you can easily get involved in volunteering!

If you are interested in volunteering but are still a little unsure of what to do then this article is ideal for you. This is because it highlights the top 7 volunteering niches that people go into, providing you with a little direction in your volunteering hunt.


In no particular order here they are…

Animal Rescue Shelters

Animal shelters that look after deserted or rescued animals are always on the lookout for volunteers to lend them a helping hand. Volunteers usually help these organizations out by feeding the animals, cleaning the shelters and helping to organize new homes for animals. Volunteering at an animal rescue shelter is perfect for people who really care about animals and don’t mind getting stuck in.

Helping Charity Organizations In Africa

Africa is a country where certain parts of it are in real need of help. There are thousands of charities that carry out a range of different types of volunteering programmes across Africa. People who volunteer in Africa could be doing anything from helping to install a new well, delivering food to villages, right the way through to helping deliver important vaccinations and medicines. Volunteering in Africa is a great option for people who don’t mind spending time away from home.

Homeless Shelters

Poverty is a massive issue in most countries whether they are developed or not. Due to this reason most towns and cities run homeless shelters where volunteers are always wanted. These shelters can be run by large scale charity organizations or by a few volunteers in a local area. Many who volunteer at homeless shelters say that it is a rewarding experience. Roles include making up beds for homeless people to sleep on, cooking and serving food.

Scout Groups

The Scouting movement began in England but has now spread all around the world. It was started in order to support young people through their physical, mental and spiritual development and by volunteering with the Scouts you can help to continue this. Volunteering with the Scouts is really fun to do as it is a very active activity, which you can learn a lot from.

Old Peoples Homes

Old peoples homes everywhere actively encourage volunteers to help out. Volunteering at an old peoples home could involve helping carers carry out some of their daily duties or just speaking or playing games with old people. Getting involved by volunteering at an old peoples home is a very popular choice as you can choose how much you want to put in and get out of it.

Helping People With Disabilities

Volunteering with people with disabilities is a really great experience. Many charities, local organizations and some universities run days where they take people with disabilities out for the day. You may be involved by taking them out shopping or to a theatre performance or maybe even helping out by organizing a sports day. Volunteering with people who have disabilities is fun for both parties and from it you can get a real sense of reward.

Environmental Organizations

If you have a real passion for the environment then volunteering with an environmental organization is a brilliant thing for you to do. Environmental organizations are always looking for support in their latest campaign so volunteers are always needed. There will be so many roles for you to do from organizing a protest to helping around the office. You never know working for an environmental organization may even be your true calling in life.

You didn’t find the niche you’re interested in? Don’t hesitate, ask your friends, corporate social responsibility manager at your company or search the web for volunteering opportunities and get involved.

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