Top 7 Requested Destinations for Limousine Drivers

What do you think of when you hear “limousine”? The airport, prom night, or your bachelor/bachelorette party may come to mind. Each of which are in high demand for limousine companies, but how many make the cut for the top requested destinations for limo drivers?

Here’s a list of 7, with 1 being the most popular:

7. Churches

Now why on earth would you ask your limo driver to take you to church? Well, this isn’t a Sunday trip (although there’s nothing wrong with showing up to church on Sunday in style). Did you know that on average over 4,000 people get married each day? Yes, that many people share your anniversary day. The odds are pretty good that some of them will rent a limo for their special day.

6. Holiday Events

The holidays are approaching quickly, and the lights are going up! There are so many beautiful light displays around the country that it’s almost impossible to get a glimpse, let alone a picture. It is partly for this reason that people will hire a limousine driver to drive them around on a lighting tour just to get a decent view.

5. Schools

High school flashback time! How many people showed up to your prom(s) in style? No, not a horse and carriage; a limousine. This is the fifth top requested limousine destination, believe it or not! More people hire a limousine driver to take them to their prom than their wedding.


4. Bars and Strip Clubs

A late night out on the town, or a bachelor/bachelorette party? Let’s go with both. All those couples getting married may want to have a party before their big day. Might as well spend it in bars and strip clubs, right? Besides, what else is open at 2am anyway?

3. Corporate Events

As a change of pace from #4, we have corporate events. These events can range from large group conventions to corporate outings. Hey, businesses have special days too, right?

2. Sports Venues

Sports are one of the most common hobbies/interests out there. It is no surprise that sports venues are #2 in the top requested destinations for limo drivers. We all know how bad parking is at these games, so why not spare a few extra dollars and hire a limousine to drive you instead?

And last but not least we have the number one requested destination of limo drivers:

1. Airports

When you go to an airport you could be going there for many different reasons. Obviously you’re going there to fly, but fly where? Vacations and business trips are the most common. Vacations can be your honeymoon, family vacation, or just sightseeing around the world. Parking at the airport can be expensive, and traffic is horrendous at peak hours. People decide to save themselves the hassle and relieve some stress by hiring a limo to drive them instead.

There you have it. The top requested destinations for limo drivers in order of popularity. Some of them may have been expected and some may not, but one thing is for sure: convenience, comfort, and style are clearly the advantages of hiring a limousine service.

Guest Author: Ryan Gavin is an associate with E3 Worldwide Transportation, a Dallas limousine and car service company focused on providing quality luxury transportation to its clients in the DFW area.

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