Top 6 Gift Ideas To Thank Your Lawyer After A Winning Case

Buying a gift for your lawyer isn’t something that many people consider doing. This is because lawyers are just seen as a necessity, simply someone that you pay to deliver you with the best possible outcome in the courtroom. But after your lawyer has worked so hard to win your case for you surely they deserve a present? Especially if they just saved you from something like a parking fine that wasn’t your fault or 100 hours of painting fences. A small present is nothing when compared to this.

If you want to celebrate your case being won by smothering your lawyer with gifts, then here are some brilliant gift ideas.

A Piece Of Artwork

Typically lawyers offices are pretty dull. The walls are covered in bookshelves and every free bit of desk space is scattered with case files. The only piece of artwork they will have is the stereotypical photo of their family on their desk, which reminds them that their work colleagues aren’t their only family. Because your lawyer just won your case you should change this. Have a painting of your lawyer made. One that they can hang up on their office and wall and look at and think “Maaan I’m cool”. If this isn’t their style just settle on a funky and creative piece of artwork to brighten up their office.

A Customised Coffee Mug

Custom coffee mugs are suitable for every occasion, even for celebrating your lawyer winning your case. You could get a mug with headlines of other cases they have won or one with words such as “law lover” or “top lawyer” printed on it. Then each time your lawyer goes to get that much needed cup of coffee they will be reminded that they are an awesome lawyer. Cool idea right?

Gifts for Lawyers

An Top Quality Pen

Lawyers always carry a pen around with them and it is all a part of their image. When signing legal documents they can’t just whip out a standard biro pen. No, they need a pen that is of the highest quality. They may already have one but buying them another isn’t going to be an issue as pens are always getting lost and misplaced. Make sure that the pen you buy them is of the highest possible quality and writes beautifully.

Tickets For Something They Like

At some point subtlety try to ask your lawyer what they are interested in. See what kind of music they are into, what sports they are interested in or what they do in their spare time. You can then use this information to buy them tickets to allow them to do whatever it is they are interested in. Maybe a day out on the golf course, tickets to see their favourite band or a test drive of a sports car.

The Scales Of Justice

If your lawyer has just delivered you justice why not let them know you appreciate it by buying them a statue of the scales of justice? There are plenty of sculptures available that can easily fit on their desk or somewhere in their office. Then every time your lawyer looks at the statue they will remember their purpose spurring them to go out and win some more cases.

A Subscription To A Law Magazine

You need to make sure that your lawyer isn’t already subscribed but otherwise getting them a subscription to a law magazine is a brilliant idea. You lawyer will usually be buried in complex law books so a magazine is perfect for when they are having a break. It will also keep them up to date with the happenings of the law world, which is always a good thing for lawyers.

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