Top 10 Most In Demand Medical Professions

Do you want to get a job in the medical field? Here are the top 10 most in demand medical professions today.

Career Guide for Medical Professions

1. Registered Nurses

The demand for registered nurses is expected to grow to 28 percent from 2013 to 2023, which is a lot higher than the average jobs. Nurses are typically employed in physician’s private clinics, hospitals, nursing care places, and in health maintenance organizations. They are also job opportunities for nurses in the military, schools, and corporate offices.

2. Nursing Aides

Nursing aides work as caregivers to people who are not able to leave their homes or live alone. Nursing aides supervise medicine intake, check up vital signs and help patients with daily tasks. The overall job growth for nursing aides is expected to be 27% and 385,000 new jobs for nursing aides are expected until 2017. Nursing aides are employed mostly at patient’s home or nursing facilities.

3. Medical Assistants

The projected need for medical assistants is around 199,000 and overall job growth is 28%. Medical assistants are usually employed in the office of a physician or other medical specialist.

Typical tasks of this medical profession:

  • Prepare operation rooms for patients
  • Administer medicine under physician’s supervision
  • Sterilizing and washing of instruments

4. Pharmacy Technicians

91,000 new jobs are expected for pharmacy technicians until 2016. The projected need for this medical profession is around 177,000 and job growth is 26%. Pharmacy technicians can be found in doctor’s offices, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. Typical job responsibilities include doing admin duties, counting tablets and labeling bottles for the pharmacists.

5. Medical Secretaries

Overall job growth in this medical profession is around 9-17% and current number of employed people in this profession is 97,000. There is a projected need of 132,000 medical secretaries until 2017.

Employment opportunities for medical secretaries are usually in medical offices. They perform clerical duties like maintaining documents, typing and handling billing concerns of customers. They also answer calls, greets patients and set up appointments.

6. Dental Assistants

Dental assistants are the most in demand job in the dental profession. Their average annual salary goes as high as $33,230. Job growth is 27% and the projected need for dental assistants continues to grow from current employment of 280,000 to 362,000 by 2016,

Dental assistants do things like sterilize apparatus, teach patients proper dental care and perform x-ray tests. They also create crowns and casts of the teeth, help apply anesthetics to patient’s gums, and remove leftover cement used in the filling formation.

7. Physicians

The future is very bright for physicians. They are pretty much in demand in hospitals, healthcare offices and health related businesses.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations employ 76% of practising physicians and this will demand will continue to grow until 2016. Job growth is 24% from 2010-2020. Total number of jobs for physicians back in 2010 is around 692,000. The average annual salary of physicians in 2010 is $167,500 and the rate per hour is $85.00

8. Pharmacists

Hiring opportunities for pharmacists is expected to increase by 26 percent from 2012-2022. The typical yearly wage for pharmacists is $112,600 in 2010. There are about 275,800 posted for pharmacists back in 2010. Pharmacists are typically employed in drug stores, grocery or pharmaceutical companies. They are also employed in clinics and hospitals.

9. Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are hired in nursing homes, clinics, private offices and hospitals. Demands for people in this medical profession are expected to come from maturing baby boomers who want to stay active even in their senior years.

The expected job growth for physical therapists is expected to increase by 40 percent from 2011 to 2021. Physical therapists typically earn an annual salary of $77,320. Currently there are 198,700 jobs posted for this profession in 2013.

10. Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics

People in this medical profession work in a variety of environments like hospitals, ambulances and even helicopters. They are always in the first scene of the accident to administer first aid and life saving procedures.

There is approximately 62,000 more EMTs and paramedics needed in the US and the job growth in this profession is around 18-27%. There are currently 209,000 EMTs employed in the US and projected employment to grow to 239,000 by 2016.

Which one of these 10 in demand medical professions do you want to pursue? You can choose any one of them and still get a job as soon as possible after graduation.

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