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Seven Key Factors That Impact Your Car Insurance Prices

Car / Auto Insurance

There are a number of ingredients that go into how car insurance prices are set. Providers calculate car insurance rates based on factors about you and your driving patterns, as well as the coverage choices you make. The following are seven of the more important factors used in setting auto insurance prices that you can actually monitor and change. Taken together, they give you a lot of control over how much you have to pay each month to insure yourself against the risk of an accident. A couple factors you can’t control Two characteristics that you cannot change about yourself ... Read More »

How to Avoid Costly Mistakes When Buying Homeowner’s Insurance

Buying Homeowner's Insurance

For Arizona resident Dennis Yacknell, paying $30,000 from his own pocket to repair his roof that the insurer wouldn’t pay for came as a rude shock. The same goes for the Guinness family from Virginia who shelled out a whopping $500,000 to renovate their mold ridden home which their insurance plan didn’t cover. Such cases are being reported almost every other day and policyholders are forced to deal with the fact that they may have overlooked the fine print in their home insurance policies. These are classic examples of mistakes you should avoid while zeroing in on a home insurance ... Read More »

Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel: Am I Still Covered?

Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel

A tired driver is a hazard to the road and can cause mistakes behind the wheel of a car. Feeling drowsy or falling asleep can impair your reaction time, reduce awareness and hinder your judgment. Similar to drinking and driving, sleeping while operating a vehicle can injure or kill the driver or innocent victims and lead to serious fines or jail time. Statistics of Sleep Related Accidents Drowsiness or fatigue is the primary cause of over 150,000 law enforcement related crashes each year with the fatalities and injuries near 85,000. Many other sleep related accidents go unreported. Most people think ... Read More »

Low-Ball Offer From Your Insurance Company?

Low-Ball Offer

The only thing worse than dealing with a natural disaster or other event that seriously damages your home, is dealing with an uncooperative insurance company. Unfortunately, there are many insurance companies that will try to low-ball you into accepting less money than you deserve. Instead of falling prey to this tactic, you need to take the time to familiarize yourself with both the value of your home and the cost of the necessary replacement materials. Once you have armed yourself with this important knowledge, it will be easier to receive a fair settlement. Why did My Insurance Company Low-Ball Me? ... Read More »

Vision Insurance for Individual – What is It, and Why You Need It

What is Individual Vision Insurance? It is a type of insurance that covers areas specific to your eyes. Eye care can be notoriously expensive, and this type of health insurance gives you several benefits that help bring down the costs. Typically, it covers regular eye exams and related treatments, along with a specific amount in dollars to pay for eye glasses and contacts. A few policies might also cover advanced surgical treatments such as LASIK. Anybody who has got glasses made or bought contacts, or even had a routine eye exam done knows how ridiculously expensive eye care can be. ... Read More »