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Truth or Myth? Fun Facts About Eyes

Tests for colour blindness

There are many interesting facts about eyes, like did you know that everyone with blue eyes shares one common ancestor? But there are many misconceptions too. A lot of us are warned as children about how some things we do every day could harm our eyes.  Do you know which of these statements are actually true?  Sitting too close to the television can damage children’s eyes  Colour blindness is more common in males  Sneezing can make your eyes pop out  Your eyes see upside down Reading in dim light is harmful to your eyes Read on to learn the truth! ... Read More »

3 Tips to Improve Your Vision

Eye Care

How to Improve Your Vision and Be Kinder to Your Eyes Your eyesight is a treasured thing and poor vision can be a major drag on your quality of life. Our eyes do so much for us and we take them for granted. I would bet most people, myself included, do not give enough thought to properly caring for these precious organs. Here are some tips to improve your vision, reduce eye strain and just take overall better care of your peepers. Eat an Eye-Healthy Diet Our diet is one of the foundations of good health and if you are ... Read More »

Review of Vision for Less

Vision for less is a leading online eyeglasses store that offers affordable eyeglasses for men, women and kids. The cost of the eyeglass frames ranges in between $30 – $130. Most of the eyeglass frames will cost in between $60 – $120. When shopping for eyeglass, you must choose a frame. There are three different types of eyeglass frames including rimless, semi rim and full rim eyeglass frames. Rimless eyeglass frame, also called frameless eyeglass, does not have a frame. When making the rimless eyeglass frame, the optician will drill two small holes on the sides of the lenses. The ... Read More »

Vision Benefits of America – The Easy Way

Vision Benefits of America (VBA) is one of the leading nonprofit PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) that offers group vision benefits for customers. It has been offering vision benefit plans to corporations, school districts, hospitals and HMOs for about forty five years. Currently, it has over 3,000 clients. More than 1.5 million members are covered through the VBA vision benefits plan. Vision Benefits of America (VBA) has a large network of eye care providers. VBA network is participated by more than 15,000 optometrists and ophthalmologists. The eye care providers that take part in the network are professional and has years of ... Read More »

Information on Vision Benefits of America

Vision Benefits of America (VBA) is a PPO vision care provider that offers high quality vision care benefits for companies and organizations. Because it is a nonprofit organization, it is able to offer competitive administrative cost in the industry. To reduce the cost, the lenses are purchased in large volumes. VBA maintain a high standard by purchasing them from quality optical labs. Hence, the costs of the materials are extremely cheap. It assures the lowest possible costs by cooperating with professional eye care providers. When you need an eye care service, you must go to the VBA website and find ... Read More »