The Wedding Dress Counterfeit Crisis – Spotting a Fake ‘Signature’ Wedding Dress

It goes without saying that one of the highlights of your wedding would be the gown you will wear. So to avoid disappointing your groom and guests, you need to find a wedding gown that flatters you in every angle. However, we all know that wedding gowns don’t come cheap. And in today’s difficult times, finding the best deal is essential. So if you’re working with a tight budget, there is a strong chance you’re also checking wedding gowns online to save a few bucks.

Be warned, though, that there’s a lot of unauthorized online stores these days selling designer knock-off gowns at extremely low prices. While the low cost seems pretty tempting, what this means for you is that the quality and the appearance of the dress won’t be anything near what you have seen and tried in the boutique. Even worse, if you purchase from an unauthorized seller and you find a problem with the gown, they won’t help you address the problem.

I’ve heard some brides whose wedding dreams have turned into nightmares after purchasing bridal wear from unauthorized online sellers. It’s either the dress that they got was damaged or the wrong color or size. In the end, they were left with a gown they cannot wear. To avoid picking a fake wedding gown online., below are some signs to watch out for.

Wedding Dress Shopping

Site doesn’t disclose information about VAT charge, shipping fee and other customs duty charges

A lot of unauthorized sellers do not provide shoppers with clear information as to who is responsible for the shipping fee and VAT charge of the item they’ve purchased. In fact, there are sites that incorrectly declare the real value of their goods so that shoppers, supposedly, will not incur custom charges.

Take note, however, that when you purchase from an overseas seller, you automatically become the importer and you take the responsibility of all the details that the seller will declare in the form. Thus, if you unknowingly purchased from an unauthorized online wedding gown retailer and Customs proved that the declared value of the product is incorrect, you will end up paying a fine.

Plain, bad customer reviews

When shopping for a wedding gown online, take the time to check reputable wedding boards or forums to see if a particular store has quality complaints from consumers. Be mindful that there’s a number of illegitimate reviews sites online being paid for by unauthorized sellers to write good reviews about their goods. Hence, it pays to find trustworthy resources to help you arrive at an informed decision.

Website has a restocking fee requirement

If a store has a restocking fee requirement, this should be a red flag to you. Why? A restocking fee may be an indication that the shop may be earning by delivering faulty items to shoppers. If, for instance, you purchased a damaged dress and you returned it to the seller, they will only give you a small amount of refund.

Prices are too good to be true

If the wedding gown you see on the site is being offered at a substantially lower price compared to other shops or to the same dress you have tried in a boutique, this is something that should raise your suspicions. Designer wedding gowns are all constructed from quality materials and fabric, and therefore should have consistent pricing across authorized sellers. The rule of thumb here is if the price of the wedding gown you like is too good to be true, it most likely is.

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