Sporting Events & Social Gatherings: Great Opportunities to Advertise with Banners

Anyone in the business world knows that advertising is an essential part of what makes a company successful. There are an abundance of advertising methods available, and the most successful marketers make use of as many of these techniques as possible. One advertising possibility that many people look over, however, is banners at sporting events and other large social gatherings. Large banners always catch the eye of those in attendance, and when they’re designed in an effective way, they really can benefit a business.

Locating Your Banner

Location, Location, Location is the question. As mentioned, banners are great to use at sporting events. This is obviously due to the large number of people who are likely to be in attendance at these events. It’s also a good idea, however, to use them at other venues that attract crowds of people. These events can include rallies, charity walks, movie premieres or anything that is likely to bring in droves of fans.

Advertise with Banners

It’s important, however, to place these banners strategically. One of the best places to advertise is in a high traffic area. If this isn’t possible, banners should be placed in an area where people are likely to look anyway (i.e. baseball outfield). The most vital thing, however, is to place these banners in an place where they will really stand out.


Why Use A Banner

There are actually several benefits of using banners, and many are related to their superiority, in certain aspects, to many other forms of advertising. When a banner is used at a large sporting event, for instance, it’s almost guaranteed that everyone at the event will see it. With methods like television commercials and newspaper ads, however, even if one million people have access to the medium, there’s no guarantee that they’ll actually see the ad.

In addition, banners can be used as a form of cheap targeted marketing. For instance, a company could use different banners at football and baseball games that target those specific sports’ fans. Targeted marketing can be used with television, newspaper and other forms of marketing as well, but unfortunately, this usually entails spending large sums of money for numerous ads in different venues.

How to Design Your Banner

There are varying subject matters that can be successful on banner ads. One would be advertising a grand opening. In fact, banners should likely always be used for grand opening announcements, and announcing a few perks of being there on day one never hurts either.

Banners have also been found to be effective in announcing special events. Whatever is going on, a company should let people know. This can include events ranging from book club meetings to events hosted in conjunction with other companies. Special events are also a great way to develop name recognition in the community.

The coup de grace of subject matter for banners is, of course, letting people know about sales. People who’ve never thought about visiting a business before will reconsider if they know that they can get a great deal on something. Simply having a sale isn’t enough if people don’t know about it, and while numerous advertising methods should be used to get the word out, banners at large events should definitely be one of them.

Regardless of what type of business a person is in, there’s no doubt that vinyl banners can benefit them. They’re literally like mobile billboards, and this can ensure that an ever growing number of people know about a business or its products. While every type of advertising is beneficial in its own way, banners provide several advantages over many of them.

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