Snapshot of Road Rage in Canada (Infographic)

Think Canadians are nice? Think again. A new study suggests that younger drivers are more likely to admit to road rage compared to drivers 55 and older. More specifically, drivers 18 to 44 were more likely to admit to road rage behaviour. This group was guilty of weaving in and out of traffic, yelling and swearing, following other vehicles too closely, and of course, making inappropriate hand gestures. So what exactly is behind the anger?

Well there are many conditions that can trigger angry driving and many of them stem from personal issues such as driving in the city uncomfortably, having a bad day and running late to an appointment or work. This infographic illustrates the highlights of road rage in Canada, with details about age, gender, location and specific behaviours behind the wheel.

In order to avoid road rage you can plan your route ahead of time, keep calm behind the wheel, and stay focused on the road without allowing distractions to steal your attention. If you don’t take these precautions, it can lead to tickets, higher car insurance premiums, collisions and much worse. Get informed!

Road Rage in Canada

This inforgraphic has been provided by Find out more about the relationship between age and road rage.

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