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Vision for less is a leading online eyeglasses store that offers affordable eyeglasses for men, women and kids. The cost of the eyeglass frames ranges in between $30 – $130. Most of the eyeglass frames will cost in between $60 – $120. When shopping for eyeglass, you must choose a frame. There are three different types of eyeglass frames including rimless, semi rim and full rim eyeglass frames. Rimless eyeglass frame, also called frameless eyeglass, does not have a frame.

When making the rimless eyeglass frame, the optician will drill two small holes on the sides of the lenses. The downside of rimless eyeglass frame is that the lenses can easily become crooked. Rimless eyeglass frame is the lightest frames because it does not have a frame. If you don’t like to feel the weight of the frame on your nose, you can choose the rimless eyeglass frame.

Semi rim eyeglass frame is lightweight because the lens is only covered half by the frame. It looks modern and suitable for young people. In semi eyeglass frame, a very thin nylon string is used to fix the lenses. The string is so fine that normal eye cannot see it. Hence, you will only see half of the rim covering the lenses. Full rim eyeglass frame is a traditional eyeglass frame. In a full rim eyeglass frame, the frame will surround the lenses fully. Although full rim eyeglass frame is slightly heavy, it is more durable and stable.

There are several types of frame colors customers can choose. Common eyeglass frame colors include black, brown, gold and silver frame colors. You will also find various shapes of eyeglass frames including aviator, oval, rectangle, round and square. The frame shape you choose depends on the shape of your face. If your face shape is round, you can wear a rectangular eyeglass frame.

The rectangular eyeglass frame can make your face look thinner and longer. If you have an oval face, you will look nice in all kinds of frame shapes. If you have a diamond face shape, you can wear frame that are add width to the forehead such as the square frame. Square frame shape is also suitable for people with triangle shaped face. For people with inverted triangle face, they should choose rectangular eyeglass frame.

In addition, customers can choose from several types of lenses including single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses. Single vision lens is designed to offer correction for one field of vision. This type of lens can be used to correct far, near and intermediate distances. Bifocal lens can correct multiple vision problems.

For example, a person that suffers from nearsightedness and presbyopia can get the bifocal lens. Progressive lens is designed to offers correction for three fields of visions. The advantage of progressive lens is that it does not have bifocal lines.

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