Opportunities as a Google Apps Reseller

As an official Google Apps Reseller, you have the power to revolutionize and transform businesses. The Google Apps Reseller program focuses on what’s important. Google’s focus is creating great products for customers, and as a Google App Reseller, your focus is to deploy those products for use in a manner that creates a great experience in the eyes of the customer.

With more and more businesses moving to the cloud, there is an expectation that partners will help them seamlessly transition to the technology to avoid precious downtime and unnecessary costs and help with other mechanics that revolve around the use of it as well. With millions of businesses already using Google Apps, it’s a no-brainer that this is what businesses should be doing.

Google Apps Resellers can provide popular, sought-after cloud services such as consultation, mobile device management, handling of setup, configuration and remote access of devices, providing security for important data, employee training, an archival and message management system, an excellent IT support system, recovery and back-up plan, and much more.

When a customer uses a reseller to make purchases, they know they are getting the maximum benefits from Google Apps. With partners, Google can better meet customer demands. Partners can also offer customers knowledge, expertise and a close, personalized relationship.

Google Apps Reseller Works

Once you build a solid customer relationship, how do you build a stronger one? One of the many advantages of being a Google Apps Reseller is that you are in control. You make the decisions when it comes to pricing, technical support and communication with customers. When you work this closely with customers, you get to know them better, and as a result, keep them happier. As a Google Apps Reseller, you have the power to share more choices and opportunities with customers through any third party relationships that you have built.

A Google Apps Reseller can expect to see increased profitability. For businesses to move to the cloud means that customers will need assistance with most cloud services mentioned above. The reasons why you should become a Google Apps Reseller are endless. Your employees will receive training, and you get access to tools such as Google Partner Connect. Google Partner Connect provides resources on sales, marketing and deployment. You will also have access to management tools where you can create and keep information on customer accounts and tools to handle customer issues. You’ll also receive a badge so that everyone will know you are an official Google Apps Reseller when you’re marketing to potential clients.

As a Google Apps Reseller there is also plenty of potential for growth. You have the opportunity to become a Google Apps Premier SMB Reseller. As a Premier SMB Reseller you’ll get even more visibility and exclusive marketing opportunities and receive all the newest updates through newsletters. IT professionals can even get certified by taking the Google Apps Certification Program.

Becoming a Google Apps Reseller means you are focused on dedicating your business to your customers, relationships, and solutions. Grow that passion and knowledge by joining the family of other cloud solution providers as a Google Apps Reseller.

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