Medical Tests to Take Before You Tie the Knot

Making the decision to get married is an important commitment in a couple’s life. Fortunately, today’s medical advances have made it easy to learn more about your spouse’s health before walking down the aisle. Even though you’re young, healthy and energized, you still may have underlying health issues or concerns. A regular health check-up and tests can rule out diseases, illnesses and abnormalities that can ruin the happily ever after.

Generic and Inherited Diseases

Genetic diseases passed on from other family members may pose a threat, even though their presence hasn’t been physically seen. Many of the genetic diseases are passed on from the mother and can be especially debilitating if given to the male. Specific ethnic groupings are also susceptible to genetic disorders such as thalassemia. Other diseases such as blood cancer and diabetes mellitus can be passed on from other family members and could affect your future happiness.

Medical Exams and Blood Tests performed before you get Married

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A couple making a commitment to spend the rest of their lives together should undergo thorough medical testing for sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, gonorrhoea, syphilis and hepatitis. If problems exist, you and your spouse will need a series of medications to treat the infection. You’ll also need to report the issues to any other sexual partners that you came in contact with. STDs can be extremely serious, especially if left untreated. Sterilization is a common problem associated with untreated STDs. Fortunately, testing for STDs can now be ordered online and it’s completely confidential. After ordering your tests, you go directly to the local lab for blood work and since the results will be sent only to you, they won’t even show up on your permanent health record.


Infertility issues are at the root of many marital problems and getting tested thoroughly before marriage can save a couple a lot of time and heartache. An initial work up can test both the male and female partner and ensure them that the reproductive system is in working order. A pelvic exam should also be in order to check for tumors and the health of the reproductive organs. A couple should also be on the same page mentally and have a thorough discussion about children before entering into marriage. Other factors to take into consideration could be smoking, drinking, taking medications and a lack of exercise that can have an effect on trying to get pregnant.

Blood Group Work Up

Most of the populace is Rh positive, but you’ll find a small number of people holding an Rh negative status. This incompatibility can pose a serious health risk for the baby and could lead to miscarriages for women. Medical science has come a long way, and you’ll find the various health tests necessary, so you can know the various risks ahead of time. A general health exam is also necessary and should include a series of laboratory tests. It’s also important to have a discussion with your soon-to-be spouse about your medical history and any problems or potential health risks that pertain to your family’s lineage.

Having a series of medical exams and blood tests performed before you get married is necessary to the health and well-being of a couple, and their marriage. Not only is it a great way to start a new beginning together, you’ll feel at peace knowing that you and your partner are both physically fit for the journey ahead.

Guest Author: Researcher Shelby Warden posts this article to help couples start their new life together on the right track. For convenience and privacy, many couples go to to order their medical tests. Their STD testing allows patients to find out if they are infected within days and is absolutely confidential.

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