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Vision Benefits of America (VBA) is a PPO vision care provider that offers high quality vision care benefits for companies and organizations. Because it is a nonprofit organization, it is able to offer competitive administrative cost in the industry. To reduce the cost, the lenses are purchased in large volumes. VBA maintain a high standard by purchasing them from quality optical labs. Hence, the costs of the materials are extremely cheap. It assures the lowest possible costs by cooperating with professional eye care providers.

When you need an eye care service, you must go to the VBA website and find a doctor. There are two ways to claim your benefit from VBA including e-claims and benefit form. If you don’t want to use the benefit form, you must find a doctor that offers e-claims services. After you have selected a doctor, you must make an appointment with him. While making an appointment with the doctor, you must tell him that you are a member of the VBA and that you want to claim your benefit through the e-claim system. After the doctor has verified, he will provide the eye examination. After finished performing the eye examination, the doctor will order the prescription from a lab that is approved by VBA. Before dispensing it to the employee, the doctor will verify the accuracy. Doctors who take part in providing the covered services will be paid by VBA,

If you want to use the benefit form, you must make a request for the vision care benefit by calling the hotline number. After VBA has verified your eligibility, the benefit form will be mailed to you.  When making a visit to the doctor, the employee must present the benefit form. The doctor will examine the benefit form and order the prescription from a VBA approved lab.

VBA aims to simplify the burden in the administration system as much as possible. VBA does this by making sure all the requisite systems are in place. Visions Benefits of America offers reliable professional eye care services that are 100% guaranteed. VBA will only provide eyewear prescriptions that are fabricated at a quality optical lab. Visions Benefits of America has branches in all the 50 states in America.

There are more than 15,000 optometrists and ophthalmologists partners that agree to offer the services at a low cost. With so many doctors participating in the network, customers will surely find one that meets their needs. Each of the VBA plan will include a comprehensive vision exam, high quality prescription lens, designer frame. Each customer will be given a generous allowance for the contact lenses. Customers will also get a discount for the Lasik and PRK correction procedure.

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