Incorporating Healthy Shakes Into the Top Exercise Routines

Working out in the gym on your own and eating healthy food can get tedious, especially if you’ve been doing the same routine for quite some time. Lifting weights, walking on the treadmill and using the elliptical machine are all amazing workouts, but there are other popular exercise programs out there, along with delicious and healthy alternatives to the classic meal, to make it easy to stay in shape.

The following are the latest work out trends in America.

1. Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is a 90 minute class that instructs the students on the 26 postures. The program is taught in a room that is heated to 105 degrees, so the participants can experience full relaxation and muscle release with each pose.  In this heat, a meal in your stomach feels like dead weight, so a light shake with flax, honey, some supplement, and bananas might lighten the load and keep you going. Bikram yoga works every part of the body, increases flexibility and builds strength.

Regular participation in the class can result in weight loss, mental peace, a strong core and healing. It’s important to properly hydrate before, during and after each class since most participants experience extreme sweating.

Healthy Shakes

2. Zumba

Zumba has been around for decades, but it has just recently seen its popularity rise in gyms across America. The class is a fun and exciting way to dance your way to fitness. This hour-long class incorporates dance routines set to lively music. Participants can enjoy an assortment of movements that utilize every muscle in your body. Whether you take the class at the gym, park district, private studio or DVD, you’re sure to build endurance and break a sweat while keeping boredom at bay.

The constant movement can be quite unsettling, so meal replacement shakes are best for pre-workout boosts.

3. Boot Camp

Boot camp isn’t just for the military. This unique class is filled with drills and fitness tools designed to build muscle and burn calories. Yoga balls, barbells, free weights and the Bosu are pieces of equipment used during the workout that is set to music. Students will work the chest, triceps, glutes, abdominals, biceps, quadriceps and shoulders throughout the class, fatiguing the muscles to exhaustion.  In between sets, participants will do cardio drills such as mountain climbers, jumping jacks and kick boxing moves.

Since much of the work is done to increase muscle-mass, it will be important to have sufficient protein intake before and after your workout.

4. Spinning

Spinning is one of the most popular workouts around the country, and the perfect workout to utilize the metabolism boosting qualities of a fiber and protein focused shake. This intense form of exercise, which allows its participants to burn hundreds of calories in one hour session. Spinning is set to intense music in a room lit with fun lighting and a screen that displays scenery of roads and mountains, so the students feel like they are actually out and about on the roadway.

It may take time to build endurance and get used to the bike seat, but you’ll see amazing results once your workout is complete.

5. Pole Dancing

Pole dancing classes are the latest phenomenon to hit the gyms and private studios. The class will tone and shape muscles through the intricate movements. Participants can even burn up to 500 calories per one hour class. Dancers make pole dancing look easy, but students will be amazed at how difficult the workout is to master.

Basic gym workouts like using weight machines and the treadmill may have become things of the past. In order to make fitness a part of your daily lifestyle, you want to choose an exercise program where you see results while incorporating fun into your workout. You also want to supplement that with healthy and light food that will carry you through your workout and leave you feeling accomplished.

Guest Author: Saam Banai is a freelance writer, editor, and long distance biker. He contributes this article for Prograde Nutrition, provider of meal replacement shakes with delicious flavors and no artificial sweeteners. Their shakes are the perfect addition to any workout, supplying your body with the fiber and protein it needs to feel accomplished.

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