How to Take Advantage of SAP Job Opportunities

Australia is a place of growth and opportunity and, with SAP offices located across the country, there are plenty of SAP job possibilities. In order to get employment Down Under, you’ll need the right qualifications, experience and attitude. Here are some ways to help you find an SAP job in Australia.

Get the right qualifications

Before starting your job search, you’ll definitely need an IT qualification. Alternatively, you’ll need a qualification that’s closely related to computer systems, business management, or engineering ( You’ll also need a good understanding of business information (how data can be measured, analysed and effectively utilised). After gaining thorough training in IT, you can then branch into SAP by taking a course.

There are various options available, depending on whether you want to specialise on the functional or technical side. According to, courses range from the basics (where you can get an overview) to more in-depth courses like database administration. Many of these courses are available online, but some are available on-site. According to, these are ideal for those who are already familiar with SAP, for example, super users and project teams.

SAP Certification is also an option if you want to have an advantage over other applicant, as it will show potential employers that your SAP knowledge and skills are officially recognised.

SAP job in Australia

Have a killer CV

Although IT professionals are in huge demand, the Australian job market is very competitive. The best way to show off your skills is to have an impressive CV. This doesn’t mean simply listing all your qualifications and achievements; you need to keep the company in mind when applying. According to, each CV needs to be targeted towards the specific company to which you’re applying.

In the case of SAP, you need to understand the organisation backwards (both what they do as a company and what is required of you), and this needs to come across clearly in your CV. If you’re not confident in your CV writing skills, hire a professional to do it for you. If your CV stands out amongst Australian recruiters, your chances of finding an SAP job improve exponentially.


Unfortunately, a CV can only take you so far. SAP is a global organisation with offices in many cities, but you’ll still need the right connections to get a head start and possibly a foot in the door. The easiest way to do this is to sign up to LinkedIn and to build on your existing contacts. Also join SAP-related industry groups, so that you can be made aware of any job or networking opportunities.

According to The Wall Street Journal, you shouldn’t use networking only for job-hunting; connections should be cultivated and not simply used for when you’re looking for work. It’s also essential to build relationships with new connections before asking them to help you out by, for example, sending them an e-mail after meeting them, or a link to an industry-related article. Remember that networking is always a two-way street: you should try to help your connection first, before asking for any favours.

Your chances of finding an SAP job in Australia are greatly improved if you have the right qualifications and skill set and if you market yourself properly. Make sure you have an impressive, well-written CV and remember to network effectively. SAP skills are highly sought-after and, if you approach the job search correctly, you should find a SAP job in Australia in no time.

Guest Author: Ang Lloyd on behalf of SAP Careers, which advertises a specialist range of SAP jobs in Australia and other major destinations around the world.

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