Throwing a Holiday Party? 3 Tips to Guest Safety

The holidays are the perfect time of year to celebrate with family and friends. However, ensuring your guests safety is important, especially if you are hosting the gathering. The following three tips are necessary precautions to take for a fun and safe celebration.

1. Food Allergies

Millions of Americans around the world will be getting together with their loved ones for this joyous time of year. A festive party is the ideal time for guests to relax, reminisce about past holiday celebrations and make new memories. Food and beverages are typically at the center of these wonderful gatherings. Whether you put amazing effort into preparing the meal yourself, or you have the menu catered, you need to plan in advance to accommodate guests and family with food allergies.

Some basic tips to avoid allergic reactions includes reading labels thoroughly, asking friends and family if they have any known aversions to certain foods and the prevention of cross-contact when preparing the meal.

Also, if there will be children with peanut or other food related allergies present, make sure to keep the bowl of nuts or sugar laden treat out of reach of the little ones.

Holiday Party & Guest Safety

2. Don’t Make Alcohol the Focus

When planning a party, you don’t need to make alcoholic beverages the center of your holiday celebration. You can entertain your friends and family with games, good food, engaging conversation and music. As our local attorney at suggests, have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages on hand such as soft drinks, bottled water and fancy fruit drinks.

You can also put together a festive punch that includes a mix of cranberry juice, pineapple juice, sparkling water and frozen fruit garnishes floating at the top of the mixture. If your guests do indulge in holiday spirits, you can look for signs that they may have had too much to drink. You can begin by mingling at the party and keep an eye out for people that have begun to get sloppy and show signs of being tipsy.

Talking too loud, clumsiness, unsteadiness and a flushed face are other common signs that your guests may need an alternative way to get home.

3. Provide a Safe Environment

Hosting a safe holiday party comes with a number of duties to protect your guests and make sure that they have a good time. This includes creating a warm and safe environment when they arrive. You can begin by clearing your walkways of ice, snow and other debris to prevent slipping and falling hazards.

If you have pets, put them in a safe place for the evening. This ensures that they are protected from getting out as guests enter and leave a party. It also provides protections to those that are allergic or are afraid of certain animals.

If you have pricey objects or sentimental pieces, place them in a safe location for the night, especially if guests will be dancing or playing games.

Food, games, entertainment and drinking responsibly are all a part of a safe holiday celebration. If you plan on hosting a holiday party this year, you can put a little extra thought and effort into your gala by protecting your guests from any unseen hazards.

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