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Vision for less is an online eyeglass store that offers a large selection of eyeglasses for customers with vision problems. Shopping at the online Vision for Less store can help you to save money as the eyeglass frames are cheaper than the usual price. Customers will find that there are eyeglasses made from different types of frame materials. Some of the common eyeglass frame materials include metal, plastic, and stainless steel frames.

Metal eyeglass frame can be made from a variety of materials including monel, titanium and beryllium. Monel is widely used in manufacturing metal eyeglass frame. The advantage of monel frame is that it is resistant against corrosion. Monel is not suitable for people with allergy problem because it can react with certain types of skin chemistries.

However, plating the frame with a layer of palladium can help the user to avoid unnecessary skin irritation. Titanium frame is the best because it is lightweight, hypoallergenic, durable, and resistant against corrosion. Titanium frames offer a modern look for the users. Beryllium frame is a type of metal frame that has steel gray color. It does not easily corrode or tarnish. It is suitable for people with high skin acidity level. If you often spend time in the ocean, the beryllium metal eyeglass frame will suit you.

A good alternative to titanium frame is the stainless steel frame. Stainless steel frame is lightweight and low in toxicity. Most of the stainless steel frames are free from nickels so they are hypoallergenic. Many stainless steel frames are priced reasonably. Usually, stainless steel frame contains an alloy of chromium. It is estimated that stainless steel frame contains about 10 – 30% of chromium.

Plastic is a very common material used in manufacturing eyeglass frame. If you like rainbow color frame, you can choose a frame that is made from zylonite. Zylonite is economical and lightweight. Plastic eyeglass frame can also be made from cellulose acetate propionate. Cellulose acetate propionate is nylon based plastic frame suitable for people that suffers from allergies. The benefit of this type of plastic frame is that it is glossier and more transparent compare to other types of plastic frames. Nylon plastic eyeglass frames are strong and bear little weight so they are suitable to be used by athletes.

While at the store, customers can narrow their search on the color of the eyeglass frames. There are plenty of frame colors to choose from including pink, purple, red, black, blue, brown and etc. Besides, you can also filter your search for a suitable eyeglass frame by using criteria such as lens, frame types and frame shapes. It is important that you take into account your face shape when choosing an eyeglass frame. For example, if you have square face, you can choose a round eyeglass frame.

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