Dirty Jobs And Their Meager Wages (Infographic)

Dirty jobs are ranked based on their exposure to trash, human waste, food waste, stench, chemicals, dirt, body fluids, death, blood, and guts. While coming in contact with a smelly food item or trashy papers may happen occasionally at some jobs, some careers revolve around it.

Take for example a lift pump remover. These workers earn an average of $37,000 annually and regularly work with the pump that flushes the toilet. While this may sound easy enough, the pump chamber is about five stories high. If it breaks, it fills with human waste and the only way to remove it is to swim inside the chamber and manually filter the water.

Crime scene cleaners also have a pretty messy job. They’re expected to come in contact with dead bodies, guts, blood, and other waste on a daily basis. Since these are all considered bio-hazards, they have to wear special suits to protect them. Their average annual salary is only $39,000.

Dirty Jobs And Their Salary

Source: RN to BSN Degree Programs

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