5 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Develop Your Foreign Language Skills in 2013

With the New Year looming, many people want to get started on learning a foreign language, but they’ve been putting it off, maybe it’s procrastination, maybe it’s fear of failure or maybe it’s just difficult to try and find the time.

Well, there’s never been a better time to learn a foreign language than now. Read on for 5 of the best reasons to stop kicking your heels and start learning!

1) Multilingual Employees Earn More Money

A foreign language is a job skill just as valuable as any other professional skill, if not more so.

Top industries are looking for something to differentiate between prospective employees, and another language could be just the ticket for many high paid roles. International jobs in industries like tourism, engineering and marketing will pay top dollar for bilingual and trilingual employees. A new language is a great way to shake up your career a little.

 Foreign Language Skills

2) It’s Time to Truly Enjoy Your Holidays

With language fluency you can get the most of your holidays by engaging with local culture as much as you want to, not as much as your limited grasp of language allows.

Think back to your last holiday, did you struggle to order something from the restaurant? Have difficulty haggling for a good bargain in the nearest tourist trap? Rather than getting caught in the trap wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your next holiday on your terms?

3) Make New Friends

Learning a new language opens up entire countries full of people you can now talk to and build relationships with.

This can be great for helping your learning process as well, with the internet it’s easy to use Skype or social media to stay in contact with friends in different countries. A common language gives you the ability to find common ground with thousands of new people, and most of them will be happy to help you through some of the finer points of your language learning.

4) Change Your Point Of View

One of the lesser known advantages to learning a foreign language is that it will change your point of view entirely.

As you learn your new language you’ll also get a different point of view on everything around you – different languages express ideas differently and each language that you learn gives you the ability to examine the perspectives of both your native tongue and your new language.

5) Because You Might Just Love It

Who knows, as you’re studying your first language you might find you’re bitten by the language bug.

It might be a mix of all of the above reasons, with the better job prospects, memorable holidays, meeting a ton of new people and the fresh look at different countries cultures could be addictive.

Learning languages can be much more than making yourself able to communicate with people speaking other languages [although, that’s useful too] but it’s a great way to gain some understanding on the world at large, understanding how people interact and socialise with each other and how society functions as a whole. This can be invaluable if you want to find out about the world outside your towns boundaries, as this can be difficult with a busy lifestyle.

Guest Author: Geoffery Cheung is a foreign languages blogger.  He specialises in learning about cross cultural training and has developed isr skills working with Business English Trainers – Linguarama.

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