Cybercrimes: What You Should Know Before You Log on at Work

It’s been over 20 years since the start of the World Wide Web and the revolution of technology. The Internet has changed the way the world thinks and how companies handle their businesses. It has also changed how people share data, talk to their employees, advertise employment opportunities and sell their products or services to the consumer.

However, the Internet has also added another outlet for criminals to commit crimes. Cyber criminals launch these attacks through spam, computer viruses, phishing and identity theft. If your business has been a victim of cybercrime, you may be at risk of monetary damages along with the loss of customers.

The following are some simple suggestions to reduce your risks:

Security Software

Your company should have security software installed to keep out criminals and programs that can destroy your system. Anti-virus, anti-spy ware and anti-phishing software will help prevent these intrusions. You should also have software that has backup and restore capabilities to help you recover important company information if someone gets through. Each employee should make sure their computers have the software in place and run a scan each day.


Unknown Emails

It is important to instruct your employees to use extreme caution when opening unknown emails with attachments. Clicking on these links can spread a virus and destroy the company’s server. The company’s email should also be used solely for business purposes. Personal use can subject your business to a serious attack, especially when the emails are used to pass along jokes and other personal information. Cyber attackers are smart and can figure out codes and ways to break in to your system.

Educate Employees

Whether you ask Charleston South Carolina attorneys or a New York business consultant they will explain that one of the biggest risks to your businesses security is through your employees. You can educate your employees by holding seminars and training classes to teach them about cybercrime and how they can prevent it. You can also instruct them on proper Internet usage and technology resolutions.

If an employee visits a risky site, they need to understand that they are putting the entire business and customer base at risk. This can cost your business money, and you may lose customers if your company is hacked. To ensure the safety of your company, you can have your employees sign a security agreement stating that they are active participants in maintaining a secure on line environment for the safety of your business. If they know of any suspicious activity, it should be reported immediately.

Implement a Contingency Plan

Your business should have a contingency plan in place to follow in case of a cyber-attack. It should also include steps on finding an alternate place to continue the operations of your business. The plan should be tested regularly.

Back Up Information

Put together a regular schedule where you back up company information and perform system upgrades for your business. This ensures that you never lose critical information in case of a cyber-attack. Make sure this information is stored in a safe location away from the office and encrypt all important data that pertains to the business and customers.

Suffering at the hands of a cyber-attacker can have serious consequences for a business. That’s why it’s important to have plans in place to prevent this from happening. It’s also imperative to instruct your employees on safe Internet use and what they can do before they log on to their computer each day.

In today’s world we need to stay up-to-date on cyber laws and Kelly Kovacic endeavors to stay current as she contributes articles for the legal community. For anyone who has been charged with cybercrimes, the Charleston South Carolina attorneys at Howell and Christmas LLC understand that each case is different and they will use their substantial experience in this field to help.

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