Cool Uses for Your Tablet

PC Tablets have more than proven themselves to be the latest craze to take over the world of technology. With sales booming, they are actually expected to overtake their computing rivals in terms of popularity by the end of this year, solidifying them as a must-have gadget for the modern consumer.

Your Tablet

But what exactly is it about a tablet that makes it stand out from a more traditional laptop or desktop?

Aside from the obvious portability, what cool ways are there to really make the most of your tablet?

1 Chances are over the years you have built up quite the collection of books and music and though you may not use the majority of them all that often, the thought of parting with them altogether is too much to contend with. This does not however mean that you have to have your home filled to the brim with clutter when instead you can simply take advantage of one of the greatest benefits of the digital age and transfer your entire collection onto one, handheld, portable tablet, with any book or CD you could ever want right at your fingertips.

2 The same goes for photographs. Over time, pictures fade; they become lost or damaged and the memories go with them. Instead, why not protect them for life by keeping all of your photographs stored on your device. By intuitively using the touchscreen function, you can scroll through them with ease and organise them into digital albums while retaining the ability to carry them around with you; you can even set up your own slideshows.

3 We all dream of having a TV in our car and though you can easily carry your tablet with you to stream your favourite movies or TV shows while on the move, you could take it one step further and buy a stand which straps your tablet to the head rest of the seat (or just do it yourself if you are careful), instantly providing you with a detachable, portable television without the need to splash any more major cash.

4 Particularly for those who have a creative flair and enjoy using their computers to view and edit pictures and videos or use other design related programs, then by simply connecting your tablet to your laptop or desktop, you immediately have a second screen to enhance the interactivity of your projects. This also works great for some gaming and using the same principles, you can hook up your tablet to your TV so you can enjoy all the benefits of your device but on a big screen.

5 Continuing with the idea of creativity, why not use your tablet to make your very own artwork, videos or music. With so many apps available to download, you can get creative without any mess or the fuss and expense of buying lots of extra equipment. With a simple few clicks and your hands as the only tool you will need, you can let your artistic side flow.

6 Did you know that so many children are turning their attention to tablets that sales of phones are actually on a decline? Parents could make the most of this situation by utilising the educational features of tablets which make learning and being creative far more appealing, interactive and entertaining for children. With apps that use symbols and words to help them put together sentences, tablets have even been found to work very well in helping those with speech problems or autism to communicate in a way they feel comfortable with.

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