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Boost Your Students’ Performance With Educational Tours From Voyager School Travel

School Trips to Paris

For many students, the best part of their time at school is going on school trips. This is a time when they get to experience something completely new and bond with their friends and classmates in a way that they haven’t been able to in the classroom. They don’t just get to learn about their school topics on a trip; they also get to learn about themselves. School trips are an important part of school life and although many schools try to avoid them because of the cost and the missed school hours, they can be incredibly beneficial to students ... Read More »

Tourist Attractions to Be Aware of When Traveling to Myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda

Myanmar is a sovereign state located in Southeast Asia, and it is surrounded by some of the most-known Asian countries, such as Thailand, India or China. Myanmar is a country rich in resources and it is the 40th most populated country in the world, with no less than 60 million inhabitants. Having said that, if you think about traveling to this country and you have enough time to visit its amazing attractions, here you will find some of the most appealing attraction spots you should take into consideration: 1. The Inle Lake The Inle Lake is known all over the ... Read More »

Travel Management Companies (TMC’s) – A Luxury or a Necessity?

Travel Management Companies

The top level benefits of using a TMC are clear; management information, access to better fares, policy development, access to expertise and savings in both organisational time and budget. However, it is a common perception that the associated fees of using a TMC only pay off when the annual travel budget is in excess of £500,000, or that the savings/benefits can not be realised until the medium-long term (6-12 months). So the question is…When times are tough and budgets are tight, is a TMC a luxury or a necessity? With travel budgets in many organisations ranking as the second largest cost ... Read More »

10 Places to Enjoy Night Life in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada – located in the middle of a desert in the southwestern United States – has christened itself as the Entertainment Capital of The World. That might be true – as the entertainment value of the city is its biggest draw. There are over 120 casinos in the city, some of which are world-class establishments that bill some of the biggest names in music as their regular floor show act. Then you’ve got the show girls, the clubs, the tourist attractions plus a variety of historical properties. All in all we’d say, yeah – Las Vegas is a ... Read More »

10 Benefits of Booking a Trip with a Travel Agency

Travel Agency

There are countless benefits to booking your holiday or business trip through a travel agency. Whether you are looking to make a quick getaway or arrange a prolonged special family holiday, the fact that agencies, such as are comprised of dedicated professionals who pro-actively seek to find you the deal that suits you the most should encourage you from the offset. I also tend to prefer going through an agency because of the promotions they regularly offer on package deals that include hotels, car hire and most importantly, flights. Travel Republic is a great online alternative for those seeking to book ... Read More »