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Medical Tests to Take Before You Tie the Knot

Medical Exams and Blood Tests performed before you get Married

Making the decision to get married is an important commitment in a couple’s life. Fortunately, today’s medical advances have made it easy to learn more about your spouse’s health before walking down the aisle. Even though you’re young, healthy and energized, you still may have underlying health issues or concerns. A regular health check-up and tests can rule out diseases, illnesses and abnormalities that can ruin the happily ever after. Generic and Inherited Diseases Genetic diseases passed on from other family members may pose a threat, even though their presence hasn’t been physically seen. Many of the genetic diseases are passed on ... Read More »

6 Ridiculous Luxuries You Could Afford If You Quit Smoking (Over Five Years)

Ritz Carlton Hotel

It’s often said that when you aim to quit smoking, you should think of the financial benefits as well as the obvious improvements to your health. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, at around £7 per pack, then that’s £49 a week – you could think of that as a nice meal out with your family, or a night in a hotel towards a weekend away. Or you could stop thinking small, aim high like a winner and go for the large payout! Tally that up over five years and you’ll save £12,775; a completely ridiculous amount of money ... Read More »

5 New Careers In Health Science That Have Good Salaries

Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

The following are five emergent careers in medicine. Salary estimates collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) are presented where available but many of these careers are so new that the BLS has not had the opportunity to compile salary information. Chronic Illness Coach Chronic illness coaches bridge the gap between doctors and patients by helping people with a persistent illness such as diabetes or asthma better understand their condition and treatment options. Chronic illness coaches and other wellness coaches also provide accountability partners for patients whose course of treatment includes self-disciplined action such as a change in lifestyle ... Read More »

Tips for Moms with Young Babies

Young Babies

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in a parent’s life, but it can also be an intimidating and occasionally frustrating experience if you are unsure about how to keep a newborn happy. Although some babies seem to be smiling almost from the moment of birth, most infants will be challenging at times, especially for first time parents. However, there is no need to struggle to figure out how to turn your fussy baby into a happy child. Instead, you should simply add each of the following items to your must have list to ensure that you ... Read More »

Catastrophic Injuries: Know How to Reclaim Your Life

Tornado Damage

When a natural disaster strikes, the news is filled with horror stories of homes torn apart by damaging winds, flooding, and even human injury and misery. Terrifying pictures are flashed across the screen to promote an emotional response. People talk about the event for the next few days over the water cooler and then it fades into the next big news story. Sadly, those that have survived the natural disaster are often forgotten, and their losses and injuries become their burden. Many of these injuries are catastrophic injuries, a term used when an injury impacts a person’s life so much that their lives ... Read More »