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5 Traits of a Top Notch Chef

Top Notch Chef

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in the culinary field, you may be curious about what separates average chefs from great ones. To answer this question, let’s look at the five most important traits of an amazing chef: Experience There’s simply no substitute for experience. Specifically, experience in the kitchen. You would have a very hard time finding someone who’s considered a great chef with less than ten years of full-time experience. While there are plenty of chefs with less than ten years of experience who are highly respected and on an exciting career path, the ten year mark ... Read More »

5 Awesome Apps to Perfect Your Cooking Skills

Apps for Cooking

If you struggle to put a delicious meal on the table, you don’t have to struggle anymore. There are excellent apps out there designed to make you a better chef. Download a few of these today, and start serving your family delicious meals tonight. Jamie’s Recipes – Free How many times have you searched for a recipe you had but couldn’t find? Do you have shelves of cookbooks that are never used? Save space and make searching easier with electronic cookbooks on your phone. Jamie’s Recipes starts you out with ten free recipes and three videos to help you start cooking. You ... Read More »

Pander to Your Sweet Tooth – Become a Pastry Chef

Be a Certified Master Pastry Chef

Do you have a sweet tooth and a way with a whisk? Do double cream and melting chocolate make you feel at home? Maybe you should consider a career as a pastry chef. Pastry chefs are those masters of creation who devise the delectable desserts that you can’t resist at the end of a good meal out. They’re the ones who come up with all those mouth-watering pieces of heaven that call to you from bakery shop windows. There is more to being a pastry chef than weighing and measuring flour, sugar and butter. There is more to it than ... Read More »