Catastrophic Injuries: Know How to Reclaim Your Life

When a natural disaster strikes, the news is filled with horror stories of homes torn apart by damaging winds, flooding, and even human injury and misery. Terrifying pictures are flashed across the screen to promote an emotional response. People talk about the event for the next few days over the water cooler and then it fades into the next big news story.

Sadly, those that have survived the natural disaster are often forgotten, and their losses and injuries become their burden. Many of these injuries are catastrophic injuries, a term used when an injury impacts a person’s life so much that their lives are altered. These victims also suffer from financial hardships and emotional trauma.

A catastrophic injury can leave a person suffering from permanent disabilities for the rest of their life. Catastrophic injuries are any injuries that have serious, long-term effects on the victim.

While there are safe guards in place to help these people in need, the truth is that many of these people do not receive the medical, emotional or financial compensation that they need to make themselves whole again after this event.  However, there is professional help, especially from attorneys like the personal injury Indiana lawyer who can assist victims with catastrophic injuries caused by the negligence or the fault of another.

Tornado Damage

Who Is Responsible For Compensation If It Is A Natural Disaster?

Many people believe that there is no one to blame but nature when a person is injured during a natural disaster. However, depending on the injuries, and the circumstances leading to those injuries, there may be parties responsible for injuries received.

For an example, a person living in an area prone to hurricanes invests into safety glass for their home. They are told that the glass is rated for 200mph winds. The homeowner purchases these windows and has them professionally installed to protect their home and their person.

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A category 2 hurricane comes into the area. These storms have an impact of up to 110mph winds. The homeowner, positive that the windows will sustain the impact because they are shatterproof and rated for 200mph does not board up the windows on the home. During the storm, the front window implodes causing glass to fly everywhere and blinding the homeowner in one eye. Additionally, the broken window is letting in the rain, ruining the interior of the home.

With the assistance of a personal injury attorney, this homeowner has a right to sue for compensation for their catastrophic injury and the damage to their home. While this will not bring back the sight in their eye, it will help the homeowner with the financial problems they now have due to the injury and damage. This is just one simple example of how someone else can be the direct cause of an injury that occurs during a natural disaster.

What to Do If You Have Been Injured During a Natural Disaster

If you have been injured in a natural disaster, you should seek immediate medical attention for all of your injuries and stabilize your health. Once you are stabilized, contact the proper authorities to determine if you can return to your home, even if it is just to take pictures of the damage. Secure a safe place to stay, either through a charity or family and friends, and then contact an attorney for assistance.

A personal injury attorney can review the information surrounding your injury and help determine the responsible party. Once a responsible party has been determined, the attorney can help you file a compensation claim for your injuries.

In the end, most people believe that once they have survived a natural disaster that they must suffer with the injuries and damages alone. The truth is there are attorneys out there that can help you receive the compensation you need to recover from this horrific event.

Guest Author: Paralegal Kelly Kovacic wants to bring awareness to help those who have been injured and need to move on with their life. It is so important to get help from professionals like the personal injury Indiana team at the Sevenish Law firm. This firm will assist victims with catastrophic injuries and make sure that they recover damages and reclaim their life.

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