Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations for Winter Fun

While the word honeymoon often conjures visions of beaches and palm trees, a winter honeymoon does not have to involve an expensive trip to an exotic paradise, filled with romance, wonder and intimate moments. After all, nothing is quite as romantic as a crackling fire, steaming mugs of hot cider and snow flurries outside the window. If you are looking for winter honeymoon options on a relatively tight budget, the options are plentiful. The hardest task will be narrowing them down.

Keeping it Close

One of the most practical suggestions for a budget-friendly honeymoon is simply to limit the distance you travel. Airline tickets, car rentals and gas all drive up the bill, and tourists often pay higher prices than locals. With this in mind, begin your honeymoon plans by investigating options close to home. You may be surprised at the delightful accommodations and fun-filled activities that are just around the corner. If, however, you feel you must travel a little further, try to find off-season locations. They are usually quite a bit cheaper than locations that are in the peak of their tourist season.

Let it Snow!

If the wonder of swirling snowflakes, the crackle of a cozy fire and the rush of the slopes excites you, then spending your honeymoon in a winter wonderland may be just the ticket. Check out the possibilities below for a honeymoon that will only be warmed by the flame of your love:

  • Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia: While the western part of the country boasts some of the biggest ski areas, East Coast residents can enjoy the romance of a snow-filled honeymoon much closer to home. Snowshoe Mountain is a great example of a winter retreat in the East. Plenty of lodging options abound, both at the Snowshoe Mountain Resort and in the general area. Snowmobiles, snow tubing and snowshoe treks are some of the most popular activities.

    Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia

  • Breckenridge, Colorado: If skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling are on your list of must-do’s, then take your sweetheart to Breckenridge, a historic mining town full of unending charm and fun. Incredible downhill skiing can be found at the Breckenridge Ski Resort while the nearby Frisco Nordic Center offers plenty of cross-country skiing opportunities. Stroll through old saloons or nibble at a trendy restaurant. End your day in front of a crackling fire, and you will agree that Colorado is truly a place for lovers.

    Breckenridge, Colorado

  • Camden, Maine: While Maine may be a bit chilly in the winter, the charm of Camden makes it a truly special destination for a romantic winter honeymoon. This popular vacation destination is certainly beautiful in the summer, but the lovely town is transformed when snow arrives and festive wreathes adorn the old-fashioned light posts. There are a multitude of lovely historic bed and breakfasts, many open for public tours during the holiday season. Enjoy a hike or a stroll along the seaside before curling up by the fire in either a historic or modern accommodation. Vacation homes or cottages are much easier to find in winter than in the busy summer months.

    Camden, Maine

Balmy Weather Options

If you think that “warm” is the best word to describe the perfect honeymoon, there are still some great winter options that are not too far from home. Some possibilities include:

  • Galveston, Texas: The Gateway to the Gulf, Galveston is a charming town filled with enchanting bed and breakfasts, larger resorts and a generous array of vacation homes. Filled with history and warmth, Galveston rarely dips into the 50’s during the winter, generally staying in the low 80’s, and offers a warm option for your honeymoon travels.

    Galveston, Texas

  • The Florida Keys: A fantastic way to enjoy the surf and sand without travelling out of country is to visit the Florida Keys. From beach bars to snorkeling, nearly all that you can imagine in a tropical paradise can be found in the Florida Keys. Top it all off with a healthy dose of the trademark Key Lime pie.

    The Florida Keys

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