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For many students, the best part of their time at school is going on school trips. This is a time when they get to experience something completely new and bond with their friends and classmates in a way that they haven’t been able to in the classroom. They don’t just get to learn about their school topics on a trip; they also get to learn about themselves.

School Trips to Paris

School trips are an important part of school life and although many schools try to avoid them because of the cost and the missed school hours, they can be incredibly beneficial to students as well as teachers in many ways.

Firstly, not every student learns in the same way. Whilst some may find it easy to pick up and remember new things in the classroom, others need to have hands on experience or other ways of learning. A school trip allows each student to learn in the way they find easiest, and there will usually be time for them to do some independent learning which means they can focus on the things they find the most interesting and easiest to take in.

Secondly, the classroom can be a stressful environment for students, especially if they don’t know their classmates particularly well. With the pressure of their lessons combined with the problems they might be facing outside of the classroom, school is sometimes not the easiest place to stay focussed, and this can be a big problem if there are exams coming up.

Taking your students on a school trip will give them the chance to relax and enjoy a refreshing change of scenery whilst still learning everything they need to. They’ll also be able to bond with classmates, which can help to create a more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in class when they return to school.

Perhaps one the biggest advantage of school trips is that they are memorable. People who left school years ago still remember their favourite school trips. When you take your students on a school trip, they will be chatting about it for weeks afterwards, and it won’t just be about all the fun they had but also about what they learnt.

The classroom is repetitive and when students try to think back on what they learnt in a lesson, most of it will become a blur. They will find it much easier to remember what they learnt on a trip because they will be able to remember where they learnt it and what they were doing at the time.

School trips don’t have to be long, far away or expensive, and they can relate to multiple subjects so any time your students miss at school can be made up with new pieces of knowledge they’ve acquired on the trip. If you’re not sure where to head for your next school trip, check out some educational tours from Voyager School Travel. With decades of experience in the industry, the team will be able to help you find the perfect trip, and all educational tours from Voyager School Travel contain a great itinerary of activities which can be tailored to suit the needs of your students.

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