Body Art: Temporary Tattoos Go High End

If you love tattoos but don’t feel comfortable committing to one, you’ve got a good head on your shoulders. The permanence of tattoos is something that should, but unfortunately doesn’t, make a lot of people nervous. Too many people rush into getting a tattoo and end up regretting it later, and although removal is possible, it comes with a lot of pain and financial expense. Until you are 100 percent sure about the design you want, you should consider using temporary tattoos.

Five Reasons Temporary Tattoos are Better than the Real Thing

1. You Won’t Have to Suffer Any Pain

Some tattoo lovers claim that they enjoy the pain of getting inked, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll feel the same way. The process can be very uncomfortable in certain areas, including the tops of the feet, the ankles, the rib-cage  the spine and the backs of the hands. If you’re thinking about getting tattooed in any of these places, consider using a temporary design instead. If nothing else, it will help solidify your decision to get a real tattoo.

Temporary Tattoos

2. You Can Change Your Mind

There are people in this world who could cover their entire body with tattoos and never change their mind about one of them. There are also people who have a difficult time getting through the day without changing their outfit several times. Most people fall somewhere in the middle. If you’re a bit on the fickle side, you’ll want to be extra cautious about getting a real tattoo. The great thing about temporary tattoos is that they allow for the ebb and flow of your tastes. One day, you can be a flower child, covered in psychedelic swirls, fairies and mushrooms. The next, you can be a dark and mysterious rocker, with thick, tribal sleeves or even a skull and crossbones. Temporary tattoos are great for people who are still in the process of figuring out who they are.

3. You Can Match Your Tattoos to Your Outfits

Another great thing about temporary tattoos is the fact that you can change them to match your outfits. That red rose on your friend’s shoulder may look pretty, but have you ever wondered how she feels when the color clashes with something she’s wearing? If you’re into fashion, you will love mixing and matching temporary tattoos to your chosen outfit.

4. Celebrities and Designers Love Them

Dior, Chanel and even Beyonce are all hopping on the temporary-tattoo bandwagon. In 2012, Dior introduced a luxurious line of temporary tattoos made with 24-karat gold. Beyonce and Chanel also worked on a line of realistic-looking temporary tattoos for House of Dereon. Many celebrities have also worn temporary tattoos for movie roles.

5. They Are Generally More Affordable than Regular Tattoos

Not only are real tattoos permanent and painful, but they cost a lot of money too. In America, a decent-sized tattoo is going to cost a few hundred dollars or more, whereas quality temporary designs can be found for far less, as long as you steer clear of the golden variety.

By playing with temporary tattoos, you can discover your ideal look and possibly even find a design that you love enough to make permanent. Why not try one out today?

Guest Author: Shelby Warden is a writer who enjoys the freedom of wearing temporary tattoos without any commitment. TattooYou is a new social site featuring designs submitted by illustrators and A-list tattooers. Members can shop for the latest temporary tattoos and even vote on which designs will be made next.

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