Audio Transcription Services – A Requirement For Every Business

Audio transcription was used widely in the field of medicine. Medical transcriptionists used to transcribe the voice recordings of doctors. These voice recordings were done by doctors right after the used to complete examining their patients. These voice recordings were then sent to the transcriptionist. The transcriptionist listens to these medical recordings of the doctor and converts the audio recording into text. This transcript is then sent to the doctor to check for any mistakes. Once these recordings are approved by the doctor these are printed and are stored by the doctor as a medical record.

Just like this there are many other businesses which have different requirements. Some of these businesses need transcripts too. There are businesses for which recording and storing of conferences, calls, meetings and interviews and market research are required.

There are many reasons as to why this is required. Just like doctors these business people do not have time to convert these audio recordings into transcripts. So for this reason these people look for people online who will transcribe these audio recordings into text form.

Audio Transcription Services

The improvement in technology has made it possible to transfer a lot of audio files into text transcriptions. Improvement in technology has also made it possible to send the transcribed file to the requester if it’s possible.

The Advantages of Hiring Audio Typing Service

The benefits outsourced by the transcriptionists are given below:

  1. The transcriptionists are able to provide quality transcription and then deliver with an accuracy of rate of about 99.9%. The transcriptionists are trained in the best possible way. ZWTheD training allows them to achieve the desired results. These transcriptionists are also well experienced in this field of transcription allows them to reach a high degree of efficiency in their work.
  2. The transcription files also have this advantage that they can be sent to anyone in any format. These formats can be mp3, mp4, wma, avi, wav, dss and so on. Similarly these can be sent through CDs, cassettes etc. The files which are transcribed can be sent to clients in the form of texts, pdf files, or the doc files.
  3. The people who provide the transcription service, provide their clients a good turnaround time of about 7 hours or sometimes less than that. The good quality of the audio file helps in favouring the quick turnaround time. Similarly an additional time is provided too for the transcription time and for proofreading the transcribed file.
  4. The people who provide these transcription services make sure that the data which is in the transcribed files is safe and secure and doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

The internet has provided many benefits to people and one of these great benefits is the facility of transcription services which you get online. The various businesses can easily get transcriptionists who can convert the audio files into the text files. These companies hire these transcriptionists online. These people are paid for every task which they perform. Everything which these various firms provide the transcriptionists to convert into audio files is related to the type of the business. The online services are available 24 hours on the internet and you can get them to have your work transcribed. You can go for this service when the need for transcription arises.

Different Formats of Transcriptions

Transcriptions are available in many different formats. These formats include the verbatim, screened and the publishable.

The verbatim file is one which includes every sound which is made during the audio recording. These also include the false statements which arise in the sentences; the false starts are also a part of this. These transcriptions are needed when the legal matters are being solved for example in court cases etc.

The screened transcriptions include those files which trash out anything which was added in the audio file by mistake for example if there was any false start it would be simply filtered out. So basically in this type of transcribed files the unnecessary data is filtered or removed and the data which is required is included in the transcription. Examples of this kind of transcription include minutes of meeting.

The publishable transcriptions are those which are edited with the help of a professional. The main objective of the expert is to make the content good enough to be clear and presentable to the readers. The examples of such transcripts include the lectures.

At the end of the day, the type of transcription and audio typing you use depends upon the kind of business you have. We, at 1st Class, meet all your requirements.

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