8 Key Rules Of Saving Bulk On Holiday Shopping

Everyone wants to save a little on shopping this holiday season. And if you keep your eyes open, you might save a hefty sum of money while shopping.  The stores offer great discounts, deals and freebies during the holiday season to entice customers.  With so much on offer, one simply cannot resist the temptation of holiday shopping.

Saving Bulk On Holiday Shopping

But if not done the smart way, holiday shopping can be quite overwhelming with all the money and time involved.  That is why it is wise to know the tricks of the trade. They will not only help you save on bulk but also help you save your precious time.

So, are you interested in knowing some handy tricks to survive the holiday shopping ordeal? They are as follows:

#1 Go Online – don’t feel like going to the store and stand in long queues to buy gifts for your near and dear ones? We don’t blame you. Going to stores, finding a nice spot to park your car and then standing behind 100 shoppers to pay for your stuff does not seem like a party to us as well. But that does not mean that you will have to give up holiday shopping like a bad job.  Shopping online can be a good option for you.  There’s no queue, no parking and no time wasted in commute.  And you do not have to dress up or go out for shopping.

#2 Give Couponing Some Serious Thought – during the holiday season every online store offers a big discount to the shoppers.  There are even different couponing sites that offer discount coupons for different stores.  Whether you are looking for Homeshop18 coupons or coupons for any other online store,  you can always go to different online couponing sites  like Groupon or Fatwallet and save a great deal of money on shopping.

#3 Check out Ads and Apps – when an online store offers sale or big discount, they advertise online via different social media platforms are on the lookout for the same. There are a number of couponing apps that will offer you important insight about the sale and the availability of discount in different stores.

#4 Do Your Researches – sales and discounts can act as financial potholes that can suck the last penny out of your wallet.  So, it is better to do some research on what you plan to buy will keep you from being confused and buying things you’ll regret later. Also making a shopping budget for holidays can be a good idea.

#5 Compare Price – this is one of the biggest advantages of online shopping.  As you are not physically present in the shop, you can check out the price of a particular product in two or more site and settle for the best possible price. This will also give you an opportunity to bargain at the shops with the lowest price guarantee (in case some other shop has the product for a lower price).  Nextag.com can be a good choice to compare price online.

#6 Coupon for Free Shipping – Dec. 17 tends to be the last day most online retailers offer free shipping and guarantee it to arrive just in time for Christmas. So if you are not planning any last minute shopping, opting for free shipping is a good idea. Some couponing sites offer free shipping coupons for different online stores. Take advantage of them.

#7 Know the Store Policy – before purchasing read the returning policy of the online store carefully.  This will be beneficial in case you need to return some purchases.

#8 Pay with Your Credit Card – always pay for online shopping with your credit card. Most credit cards offer benefits like –

  • Warranty coverage
  • Return protection
  • Sale price protection
  • Cash back policy

Take advantage of these benefits and you will score more with your plastic money.

Keep these small details in mind and save bulk on holiday shopping?

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