7 Steps To Landing A Job in a Church

If your friends and family know you want to work in a church, and you still don’t have any job leads, take seven simple steps to land the job of your dreams. Churches offer a range of employment opportunities. Janitorial, grounds and administrative support work are just a few types of opportunities you can find being offered by a church.

Determine The Position You Desire

Consider how you can advance your career within the church if this is something that is important to you. After determining what you have to offer a church, and what position you’d like to fill, it’s time to prepare for landing the job. Willingness to work at a church outside of your local community may be required if there’s no local jobs available.

Prepare Your Resume

Churches often need employees with a lot of skills as much as they need specialists. Create a resume for each of your strongest skill sets. The more skills you have the easier it will be to find a job at a church. Be ready to customize a resume to highlight the skills most applicable to any employment vacancy you find.

Prepare Your Resume

Choose The Denomination

You’ll need to pick a type of church to work for because there are several kinds. Take time to study the different types of churches and find what they believe. Read up on their doctrines and decide if you can support the church’s mission. Consider all the denomination’s beliefs carefully, as you want to work for a church that you respect.

Gather Information

After identifying the type of churches you’re willing to work for, make a list of each church within a 25 mile radius of your home to keep your commute short. If you’re open to a longer commute, extend your search to a larger area. Make a list of churches you’d like to work for and then find their phone numbers. The internet is a great resource for looking up phone numbers and contact names.

Make Phone Calls

Set aside time to make phone calls to churches about employment. Call the church office after 9AM but before 4PM and ask for an address to send resumes. Keep in mind church staff members often take lunch between the hours of 12PM and 1PM. If you call and no one answers, leave a short message that expresses your interest in the church’s employment opportunities.

Schedule Interviews

Continue sending resumes out and following up with phone calls until you have an interview for a church job. Landing a church job may time. Your persistence will make a huge difference and will lead to your eventual success. The more interviews you get the greater odds that you’ll land a job. Keep trying until you’re successful.

Thank God For The Opportunity

Churches are among the most peaceful places to work. Thanks and praise will be in order when you get the job. Spend some time thanking God for the work and ask Him to alert you to any special jobs he wants you to do on His behalf.

Guest Author: Sarah Mitchell chose to use her clerical skills to become a secretary at her church, and if you also desire is to keep the Lord an important part of your studies and your career, consider attending one of the many Christian Bible Colleges.

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