7 Of The Best Tax Tips For Homeowners

While owning a house can incur a lot of expenses, it also allows homeowners to be eligible for tax deductions that can let them save money. This is definitely an advantage, whether they are first time buyers or long-time homeowners. They can get more than the usual deductions by claiming tax breaks that are related to their house. These are a lot more than what they can get from charitable deductions or costs of health care. Perhaps the only downside though is spending some time on itemizing tax returns. However, what can be saved makes it all worthwhile.

Payment of mortgage interest

Some prospective home buyers may not be aware that owning a home has tax benefits. The major benefit they can receive is deducting mortgage interest on their federal tax returns. Also, they can get greater tax benefits when they pay more interest to the mortgage company in NJ.

Tax Tips For Homeowners

Deductible mortgage insurance

At first, mortgage insurance deduction became an issue among fiscals in Washington. Fortunately, Congress left it as it was. This is an advantage to lower-income owners who find it difficult to pay a large down payment and need to pay insurance for their mortgage up to the time that they have 20% equity in their homes.

Tax deductible taxes

Homeowners are allowed to deduct state and local property taxes on their federal tax returns. At times, there are special benefits on property taxes for homeowners that are low-income earners. This is based on the municipality or state of their residence. Therefore, it is best to look for further tax breaks pertaining to their community.

Renovations that are qualified

Though simple repairs on leaky faucets and crown molding are not tax deductible, there are some items in the tax code that are qualified for tax breaks. Items that fall under residential energy efficiency like some water heaters and solar panels can give relief on taxes. A number of home renovations and changes for medical necessities like an entry ramp and bathtub for the handicapped are also qualified.

Deductible renovations costs

Though additions may not be an immediate need, expenses can reduce the tax burden upon selling. Renovation costs that increased your home’s value can be deducted from the total profit. So, it is important to keep the receipts.

Claim selling costs

Real estate broker fees and expenses like insurance and advertising can be claimed if you were able to sell a house last year. To reduce capital gains, there are repairs that can be claimed, granting that they were done within 90 days after the sale.

Consider costs of moving

Homeowners usually move due to the proximity to their jobs. If they have the necessary receipts, they can deduct the expenses involved in moving.


Being a homeowner has a number of perks when it comes to tax deductions, even as they pay interest to the mortgage company in NJ. Considering the above-mentioned tips can help homeowners save on their taxes.

Guest Author: Brenda Fox has been writing blog articles for a mortgage company in nj for over four years now. She enjoys blog writing and sharing financial advice with people in need of help.

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