6 Ridiculous Luxuries You Could Afford If You Quit Smoking (Over Five Years)

It’s often said that when you aim to quit smoking, you should think of the financial benefits as well as the obvious improvements to your health. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, at around £7 per pack, then that’s £49 a week – you could think of that as a nice meal out with your family, or a night in a hotel towards a weekend away.

Or you could stop thinking small, aim high like a winner and go for the large payout! Tally that up over five years and you’ll save £12,775; a completely ridiculous amount of money to be sending up in smoke.

I wonder what I could buy if I made this lifestyle change?” I hear you ask – well, wonder no more. This blog post runs through six ridiculously luxurious things you could afford with the savings of five years no smoking.

1. Spend Christmas AND New Year In New York (5* Hotel, Flying 1st Class)

Cost: £7,685

Ritz Carlton Hotel

It might be something of a clichéd or stereotypical fantasy, but the fact remains that New York City is a wonderful place to visit over the holidays – especially if you’ve got the cash to splash while you’re there. For just over 50% of your half a decade savings, you could stay in a double superior room for ten nights at New York’s five-star Ritz Carlton Hotel. Don’t worry about getting there either – upper class flights with Virgin Atlantic will only account for half the cost, at a cool £3,500 return.

2. Leather, Gold & Silver Custom Monopoly Board Game

Cost: £5,072 ($7570)

Even the ridiculously rich love a good game of Monopoly – but don’t expect to see them lowering themselves to joining the queue at Toys ‘R’ Us. This luxury family board game from American company Zontik Games features silver game pieces, leather dice cups and bank boxes and a gold-embossed board. Custom made to order, it’ll set you back around the five grand mark leaving you with plenty of money spare.

3. Buy A Four-Poster ‘Duchess Cot’ For Your Baby

Cost: £12,000

First came the royal wedding, and now royal baby-fever has struck the world after The Duchess Of Cambridge announced in December 2012 that she was pregnant. With the little price or princess-to-be due to arrive in July, the newly-wed couple are stocking up on essentials – including a luxury four poster cot setting them back around £12,000. If your improvements in health are enough of a treat, and you want to treat your little ones, then you could invest in their most luxurious night’s sleep possible.

The little darling will still wake up at 2am every night, though. And then again at 3. And just after five. Once more about ten minutes before your alarm goes off. Aren’t children wonderful?

4. Get Yourself An Exclusive ‘Vertu’ Smartphone

Cost: £7,000

Perfect for getting your friends together to play a game of £5k Monopoly, or to book your Christmas flights to New York, the Vertu Ti makes an iPhone look like a cheap toy – with a £7,000 price tag. Made completely by hand in Hampshire, UK, the Ti features a titanium frame and a sapphire screen. Far from just being ‘posh glass’, it can withstand being runover by a truck and can only be scratched by a diamond.  Oh, and it runs Android so you’ll still be able to play Angry Birds!

5. Take Your Family On An ‘Ultra Luxury’ Mediterranean Cruise

Cost: £12,600

Cruise ships near Santorini

If designer products aren’t your thing, and you’re not a fan of flying, then you treat you and three members of your family to an ‘ultra-luxury’ 9 night cruise around the Mediterranean. Booked with prestigious company Silversea, their Silver Wind cruise liner features an outdoor pool, fitness centre, spa, casino and three exquisite restaurants. At £3,150 a head, your five year savings will be plenty to treat the whole family.

6: Buy One Of The World’s First 84-Inch Ultra-High Definition TVs

Cost: £11,400 ($17,000)

You can barely get the packaging open on your latest technological buy without a newer and better model hitting the shelves – case in point, 4k ‘Ultra HD’ TVs. The world has barely caught up with standard High Definition (1080p) content, but electronics giant LG have already launched their latest UHDTV set at a cool $17,000 (£11,400) for a whopping 84 inches of pin-sharp screen space. 4K TV sets features twice the overall resolution of existing High Definition TVs, and four times as many pixels per inch. The result is ridiculously sharp and detailed images with quality comparable to digitally projected movie theatre content.

Not relegated to standing outside in the cold for a cigarette, you might as well make the most of your time indoors and invest in this truly astonishing piece of technology.

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