5 Ways to Have the Best Staycation of Your Life

Summer is finally here! It’s time to have some fun. So where are you heading for this summer? Got no plans yet? How about a staycation instead?  Trust us; you can have as much fun as a vacation by staying home this summer. What’s more? You will be saving tons of money and time by opting for a staycation.

You must be thinking that staycation is just a way to glamorize staying at home when all your friends are out vacationing in the coolest of places. Umm … no! A staycation can be as exciting as a vacation if you plan it well. Want to know the tricks of the trade? Here, we share 5 of our coolest staycation ideas with you.

Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park

1) Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Have you seen all the tourist attractions in your town? Probably not. People often tend to go past the tourist attractions of their city or town without even really looking at it. This staycation, see your town from the viewpoint of a tourist. You will be able to visit beautiful museums, monuments, fountains, art installations, and parks. Book a tour bus ride or go for a walking tour.

Learn about the rich history of your town and you will feel great to be a resident of this town or city.

2) Enjoy a Spa Day

In your busy schedule, you hardly get time to pamper yourself. This staycation let your hair down and relax at a local spa. Book a beauty treatment or a massage and you will feel rejuvenated. You can also turn your home into a spa retreat.

All you need to do is soak your foot or get yourself a manicure while playing some soft music, lighting up some candles and relaxing to the fullest.

3) Opt For Some Stay At Home Fun

favorite show on Netflix

Not an outdoor person? No problem. Why go outside when you can have loads of fun staying at home? Order your favorite dishes from your favorite restaurant; pour yourself a tall glass of bubbly, and binge watch your favorite show on Netflix or Hulu. Not a TV or movie buff? Go to your computer and play some games. If you don’t have computer games, you can find lots of sites that offer online games.

Not in the mood of gaming? Try camping in your backyard. It’s oddly satisfying.

4) Enjoy Your Local Theater or Event

Keep an eye on the local newspaper or local events website to see what plays, musicals, concerts, mime, or comedy shows will take place during your planned staycation time, and book tickets. An evening at the theater can boost your mood like no other.

5) Visit an Amusement Park

So what you cannot go to Disney World this summer? What is stopping you from having fun? Have a blast by visiting any nearby amusement park with friends and family. While the rides may not be as breathtaking as those in the most popular amusement parks of the world, you will still have loads of fun.

Have some better staycation ideas? Share with us in the comment section.

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