5 Reasons Parents Still Choose Private Schools

The UK and the rest of the world are still gripped by the recession, with housing markets only just starting to slowly crawl out of the abyss, banks reluctantly lending again and employment levels creeping bit by bit. In spite of this very slow recovery and many people still struggling, it would appear that parents are still paying the average £14,000 a year that is required to send their children to private schools, but why?

Private versus state school has been an on-going debate for some time, and of course the decision isn’t the same for everyone. Obviously, one of the major factors is the cost. There are many families in this day and age that simply can’t afford the high fees to send their children to private schools, but those who can seem to still want to take this option, feeling that private school is the better choice for their children.

Choose Private Schools

So, what are the top 5 reasons that parents still choose private schools over state schools?

1) Funding

One of the biggest problems with state schools is that, due to most of their funding coming from the Government, they are generally underfunded and cannot always provide adequate facilities, opportunities, and services. Private schools on the other hand can offer top of the range sporting equipment and facilities, high quality science labs for studies, more musical equipment and better trained tutors. Generally, most Private Schools are higher quality in every way, even down to the dining facilities and quality of food.

2) Opportunity

Private schools generally offer better opportunities for further education and employment when your child leaves. Higher quality universities are more likely to accept a child from a private school because they know that the education levels are generally higher than those in state schools. Also, internships and scholarships are often offered with companies regularly visiting such schools, offering talks and open days about work opportunities. Talent scouts also regularly attend private schools in search of fresh talent in music and performing arts.

3) Busy Schedules

Many working parents struggle to balance their work-life with their children’s schooling, but one of the advantages of a private school is the fact that, more often than not, they offer more reasonable hours for a working parent. For example, many have 8am-6pm school days and holiday care services, something that is rarely found in a state school. This means that parents don’t have to worry about how they will manage to keep a job when the school finishes at 3.00 pm.

4) ‘On The Job’ Learning

State schools do offer school trips, but again because of funding, private schools can offer much better school trips for educational purposes so that the children get some real hands on learning – and let’s face it, this kind of education is going to sink in far more than being sat in a classroom.

5) Special Needs

Many state schools don’t have the required facilities to give the right level of care and education to children with special needs, but many private schools do and can offer special care to help your child to develop to the best of their ability.

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