5 Awesome Apps to Perfect Your Cooking Skills

If you struggle to put a delicious meal on the table, you don’t have to struggle anymore. There are excellent apps out there designed to make you a better chef. Download a few of these today, and start serving your family delicious meals tonight.

Jamie’s Recipes – Free

How many times have you searched for a recipe you had but couldn’t find? Do you have shelves of cookbooks that are never used? Save space and make searching easier with electronic cookbooks on your phone. Jamie’s Recipes starts you out with ten free recipes and three videos to help you start cooking. You can purchase additional recipe packs later to customize a cookbook of your family’s favorite meals.

Kitchen Disasters & Fixes – $2.99

Everyone has kitchen disasters. Whether it’s burned cakes, bread that won’t rise, soup that’s too salty or runny mashed potatoes, this clever app will help you fix the problem. You don’t have to feed your kids overcooked vegetables when you have this app to help you save them. In addition to solving the problem at hand, you can also use the app to find out where you went wrong and avoid the problem in the future.

Apps for Cooking

Spinning Chef Meal Planner – $2.99

Make sure you have everything you need for healthy meals throughout the week. This incredible little app helps you customize a meal plan for your family, and it will even provide you with a grocery list to make sure you have everything. You won’t have to look for last minute substitutions again or discover that you cannot prepare a certain dish. Your family will enjoy a healthy meal every night of the week, and you will love how much simpler your life is when you get this organized.

How to Cook Everything – $5.00

On the surface, this may look like a pricey app. However, it organizes meals by ingredients, so you can cook from scratch with what you already have on hand. It will help you become a better cook, and you will save money by using the supplies you have already invested in.

Appetites – $0.99

Customize a recipe book in your phone that’s perfect for your family. Recipes are from professionals chefs, and the step-by-step directions come with a video shot from the cook’s viewpoint, so you will know exactly how to make the dishes. Each recipe purchased is $0.99, but you won’t waste memory in your phone on recipes you will never use. Not only will your meals be tastier, but you can be confident that what your cooking will be a hit when you are only perusing the recipes your family loves.

Whether you are dreaming of opening your own café or just want to provide you family with better meals, these apps will help you create delicious meals. Learn how to save disasters, and invest in apps that will help you get the meals organized for the week. With the help of these apps, you can feel great every night as your family sits down and compliments you on yet another delicious meal.

Guest Author: Anthony is a chef at Dedes Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. Anthony mastered his cooking skills the traditional way, but thinks that with so many awesome apps available, anyone can learn to cook like a master chef.

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