4 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Likes

Pass by many desks in the office, laptops at cafes, and netbooks at the park and you will find the tab with Facebook on it. We’re all on it as we keep up with friends and family who post pictures of their fun weekends and vacations, funny status updates, quotes, and thoughts. This social network sensation has taken over our communication style.

Businesses have jumped in to the social network and taken advantage of hearing directly from the consumer. This trend has not always been the way that it has been. Remember the days where the communication was one sided? Those days are no more and consumers can post their concerns and questions directly to the company’s Facebook page. Over 45% of consumers state they trust a company more if they have an active Facebook business page and they are more likely to want to engage with the company by liking their Facebook page.

Facebook Likes

Companies and personalities have included Facebook as a part of their overall marketing plan. The goals may differ, but we all help to chime in by clicking the Like button. There are so many ways to get readers involved by clicking Like.


Who doesn’t like a little competition? Creating a Facebook contest to where people have to click Like or comment is a good way to “go viral.” When one person clicks on your status their friends see it too and your status stays live longer because so many people are clicking Like and/or commenting. The contest could be as simple as asking people to share your picture and the person who’s friends click Like more will win a prize. The normal friend rate on Facebook is about 350 friends. Imagine your business gaining their audience in addition to others who will post!


Remember when everyone was posting pictures of themselves planking? Simply lay stiff in an unusual place, snap a picture, and post. This went to all types of extreme as people went from the extreme to the funny posing…or laying stiffly. This went on to other memes such as posing while jumping in to a pool, sunsets, and more. Create your own sensation, get your audience to mimic, and see if it will catch on. The great thing about memes is you can create more than one.

Ask Questions

All of us have opinions. Facebook is full of them. Once you have captured your audience begin to ask them questions. If you ask, they will come. Create questions centered around your service or what your friends know you to be about and they will give you their honest opinion and become involved. This creates engagement, which will surely bring about Likes on the question you’ve asked. You can create a question of the week and tag this back to a contest of some sort where you offer a discount or a freebie.

Follow A Trail

Do you have a website or blog? Take your audience on a trail ride from your website or blog to your Facebook page. Involve them further by asking a call to action to Like your page. This creates Contextual Link Building which can create more traffic overall to your brand or company.

Guest Author: Layla B. is a social media marketer who enjoys slow traveling to other parts of the world to see how they interact with social media. When she’s not clicking Like on Facebook you can find her enjoying knitting sessions knitting items for orphanages.

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