4 Reasons To Consider Self-Storage For Items That Just Don’t Fit In Your Home

Whether you’re cleaning your house from top to bottom or looking to get rid of some old belongings or you’re moving house, it’s common for people to find that they just have more “stuff” than they know what to do with, especially in a house with little kids. Some throw it away, others donate it and others still simply choose to live with the mess and clutter.

Whatever your preference may be, the fact is, many homes have plenty of excess stuff that needs a new home. So if you don’t want to throw your belongings away or donate them or just live with them, what options are left? There’s always self-storage, but people tend to shy away from this method sometimes for one reason another – cost, fear of losing items or having them stolen, etc.

Self Storage

Consider self-storage again, because here are 4 ways that you can benefit from storing your infrequently used or old belongings that you just can’t bear to part with or that you need to have access to once in a while.

Free Up TONS of Space in Your House

Obviously, purging old, unwanted or barely used belongings can free up a ton of space in your house. But what about the room you’ve so lovingly designated as the storage room of your home? What else could that space be used for? A guest bedroom? An exercise room? A real basement?

You probably never thought about what you could do with all of the space storing your belongings somewhere besides in your own home would free up for you. Now is the time to consider it! With a self-storage space, you’ll have easy access to your belongings whenever you need them, but they won’t be taking up all that additional room in your home that could be put to such better use in another way.

Climate Control Options

If your current storage room in your home is your basement, do you have any idea how much harm you could be doing to your belongings, especially if your basement is unfinished?

Basements are usually the most damp area of the house and are prone to mold, mildew and unwanted house guests (typically rodents). If you’re storing unwanted or unused items in your basement, you’re putting them at risk of picking up these same “ailments.” Boxes quickly become water logged and the items inside easily begin collecting mold and mildew.

With a self-storage unit, you have the option of purchasing a climate controlled area to store your belongings in. That means if you have any boxes or containers that contain anything that’s sensitive to any type of weather or temperature, a climate controlled self-storage unit will safely store your items without you having to worry about them being ruined.

You Get What You Pay For

Sometimes with a house or an apartment, you’re limited to the amount of space you have to store any items you don’t want to keep out all of the time. It can be difficult to pack things in or make large items fit into small storage spaces.

If you decide to rent a self-storage unit, you get what you pay for – meaning, you only purchase the amount of space that you need, never more, never less. If you know the size of your largest items and about how much stuff you’d like to store, you can lease out a storage unit that’s the exact size you need.

You won’t have to worry about stuffing everything in to make it fit, and conversely, you also won’t have to worry about what else you can throw into the unit to fill it up and get the most out of your money. You only lease the space that you really need to perfectly fit your storage desires.

Small Spaces are Easier to Organize

Along the same lines as “you get what you pay for,” a self-storage unit is just the right amount of space that you need, making it much easier to organize than a space that just isn’t fit properly for your storage needs. If you use a particular room of your house, or even your basement, to store your things currently, the clutter can easily become overwhelming.

Sometimes spaces are too large and messes tend to pile in certain corners or areas of the room, or somethings storage space is too small and items get lost in the jammed-in pack of stored items. Since you’re leasing an exactly-sized space for your storage needs with a self-storage unit, your items become easier to organize.

Self-storage units make it easy for you to sort your items based on size, shape or even category if you want to dive that far into the organization process. Things can easily be labeled and accessed, and people are proven more likely to keep a self-storage unit more organized than a storage space in their own home. It becomes more difficult to just “throw things in” when you actually have to leave your home and bring an item to another location to store it.

If you’re a first-time storage renter and you’re still hesitant to take the plunge, take a look at how other first-time renters find their first self-storage experience and learn about the process a bit more:

If you haven’t taken the plunge into self-storage yet, you’ll be surprised at what you’ve been missing out on once you make the “move!”

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Guest Author: Jade Evans is a freelance blogger and mom who trusts Storage West, a prominent self-storage facility with locations in Arizona, Texas, Nevada and California, with all of her belongings that just don’t fit in her home anymore!

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