4 Aspects of Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) Ensuring Call Center Success!

Maintaining the call and campaign quality is an important aspect of the call centers. For this, many of the contact centers prefer to use the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) for better standardization in communication protocols and procedures.

PSAP Quality Assurance is not expensive or painful, even though you will come across agencies that still perceive financial and staffing constraints as the delaying factors. Fusion too has been using the PSAP for better management and has reaped superior ROI.

Public Safety Answering Point

Let us see, which 4 aspects make PSAP so popular.

  • Standardization of PSAP

Prompt communication and information gathering is the first step in the QA process to ensure success. Apart from gains in accuracy and efficiency in the emergency communications, your ability to follow the protocols will help you in the communications with public or media.

This approach helps to contribute to the cooperation of PSAP employees. The agencies do not need to have formalized protocols. Instead, they can purchase a toolset that already includes them. On the other hand, they may learn from the surrounding agencies who are better experienced in this field.

  • Before Implementing the QA, Do Communicate

If PSAP employees do not have a proper introduction to the objectives, methods, and standards of the new QA process, then there are high chances that QA process will be punitive, distracting or maybe negative. In this case, the open book approach works best – the new program works with combined team effort and is a source of timely help. It is better to appeal the desire of emergency communicators to provide better service to the customers.

  • It’s Time to Align the QA & QI Tools with Standards and Protocols

Since there are different call types, hence the call centers need to implement different knowledge, protocols, attitudes, evaluation plan that are closely aligned with the requirements of different calls. Like for example, if you do not want to evaluate the call where there might be a domestic violence is reported using a generalized police dispatch QA form.

QA software can be inexpensive but at the same time, they are powerful. Allowing the agents to define number of QA forms helps agent to automatically synchronize those forms to the right call pattern. Even the integration of the automatic sequences helps in call selection for evaluation; especially in the sphere where human life is at stake require closer attention than a cat stuck in a tree.

  • Integrating the Quality Improvement

The consistent and objective QA evaluation is likely to cover the gaps in employee knowledge, consistency and procedural defects and point toward the opportunities for improvement. This works best in the field of improved mechanism that is directly integrated in the QA process.

You can install the call taker evaluation software to send alerts to supervisors about potential or actual problems that needs personal attention. Call takers have the ability to automatically notify about the results of their evaluations.

Employees at Fusion, who uses PSAP, appreciate the timely recognition. As this system, on earning a high QA score, allows the agent to send a congratulatory message instantly. Through this system, the top achievers can be recognized immediately, so Fusion prefers it.

These four general aspects have made PSAP popular among the notable contact centers and is ensuring bigger success. Therefore, stops not fuse it with your call center today!

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