11 Handbag Essentials For The Modern Woman

The contents of a woman’s handbag are a mystery to most men – that little bag is a seemingly bottomless pit of mysterious treasures. So, what are the essential items that every modern woman needs in her handbag?

    1. Powder : The last thing you want on a night out is a shiny face, so packing your powder is a must. If you’re on a date that’s not going well it also gives you that age old excuse ‘I’m just going to powder my nose’.
    2. Mini Deoderant : Dancing the night away can be a sweaty business, so a periodic spray of mini deoderant will ensure you can be confident of your armpits remaining dry, fresh and smell free!
    3. Lipstick/Lip Balm : Keep your lips shiny, kissable and moist with a smear of lip balm and a top up of your favourite lippy.
    4. Phone : Well, this one is a no brainer obviously, but it had to be on the list. Although many woman take things a step further these days and also cram in a phone charger into the bag too. You don’t want to run out of battery when you’re getting that hot guys number!
    5. Hair Straighteners : Yes, believe it or not, these days you can even get hair straighteners that will fit into your handbag. Battery operated cordless straighteners are a handy way to sort out your curls, or sleek down your locks on a trip to the ladies room.


  1. Purse : Another obvious one, but hey, unless you are lucky enough to find a guy that will pay for everything you’re going to need some money for a great night out. Of course if you’re ultra chic then your purse will match your handbag!
  2. Hair Pins/Bobble : Even the most meticulously crafted hair style can end up looking like a birds nest after a few dances and large glasses of wine. A couple of hair pins or bobble will allow you to quickly pin your hair up and get you back looking like a goddess in no time.
  3. Concealer : Keep your complexion flawless all night long with an occasional dab of concealer on those nasty blemishes.
  4. Tissues : Because you never know when you’ll need them or for what purpose!
  5. Perfume : Leave a lasting impression with a regular top up of your favourite perfume.
  6. Keys : Well, no matter how great the night is we all need to go home eventually… so don’t forget your keys!

So, that’s 11 essentials items that every modern woman should pack in her handbag to survive a night on the town. Are there any other items that you simply can’t leave the house without?

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