10 Strange Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

An interview is one of the most daunting prospects for anyone looking for a job. By their very nature we look upon them with fear and trepidation. It’s easy to understand why when you are likely to be subjected to detailed interrogation from one, two or maybe a room full of strangers. Of course this is bad enough when you have prepared in advance for the formal standard questions one would expect but what about those questions which fall foul of the norm? What about those questions which are so unusual, you might find them almost impossible to answer?

Below we take a look at some of these questions with advice on how to answer them.

How Would You Solve World Hunger?

Well this is usually a question reserved for the less than average intelligence Miss World models but for the interview candidate, you should respond with an honest answer. You could try something like ‘make more people aware of the plight of people who are starving”. Mention the fact that food retailers and restaurants should give their unused food to the poor rather than just throwing it away.

Interview Questions

Are Your Parents Disappointed About Your Career Aspirations?

This one might seem a bit personal but forget that for a moment and just answer honestly. If they are happy then say so but express what exactly makes them happy; is it your aspiration and determination to achieve your goals for example. If they are disappointed, say so but express that it’s your decision and they respect you for that and any weakness that is portrayed can always be worked on and turned into a positive.

Why Are Manhole Covers Round?

Unless you’re a potential civil engineer, it seems like a silly question. You could answer this one by saying that not all manhole covers are round as some are actually square or rectangular and it all depends on the given scenario. You could then turn this into a job example stating that if there was a problem you could handle this in a number of ways, reporting the problem to the team in a circle discussing opinions or directly discuss the points at every corner to each manager of the hierarchy.

How Would You Get An Elephant Into A Fridge?

An Elephant

This might seem like a silly question but it’s used to ascertain your ability to think outside the box. You could answer this one by asking if it is a real elephant or a toy one, this shows your ability to adapt to a situation and not just throw everything into one option.

If You Could Be An Animal, What Would You Be And Why?

Be careful with your answer here. You don’t necessarily want to sound too aggressive and say a shark or bear, instead try something like an Eagle; a bird that fly’s high above the sky and has strong skills. Think about animals and there characteristics and how this might represent your skills to the job you are applying for.

Room, Desk and Car – Which Do You Clean First?

This will depend on what type of role you will have. If it’s more office based, then say desk. If you are a salesman using a company car, then say car. Don’t bother with the room as it could be a red herring. Always think about what the interviewer might expect you to say, watch their expression and if it seems incorrect your answer then throw in a “but” and back up the next answer.

How Many Planes Are Presently Flying Over Kansas?

Like most of these questions, there is no one correct answer as it’s impossible to know this. You should tell the truth and say you can’t be sure but would guess there would at least one or two. Do state why you believe it is that answer so you show you can debate a subject, which helps with communication skills in a job.

If You Could Be a Superhero, What Power Would You Possess?

Be a Superhero

In answering this, you could say ‘mind reading’ as it’s always good to be one step ahead but think carefully about what powers superheroes have and adapt your answer to the quality of their power. For example, Wonder Woman is a bold forceful woman who wants people to tell the truth with her magic lasso; showing truthful characteristics are good. You can use a standard strength and weakness answer in many of these superhero examples, Superman has a weakness in that green kryptonite can kill him but it can be prevented, now relate that to your weakness!

Are You A Pit Bull Or Poodle?

Here is another animal question and is designed to find out if you are bold or timid. If it’s a cut throat environment, you should veer towards a pit bull as you will show you are ready to dominate the sales environment, a poodle may show you are a weak. Remember to adapt each answer to each job type.

What Wouldn’t You Want Me To know About You?

Well the question says it all and it’s a very hard one to answer. You might want to mention something which you find embarrassing but not necessarily detrimental to your chances of getting the job. A weakness can always become a positive when applying for a job.

Guest Author: Jenny Beswick wrote this article of tips for you. If you are looking for Sales Vacancies try putting these tips into action and let us know how it goes?

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