10 Benefits of Booking a Trip with a Travel Agency

There are countless benefits to booking your holiday or business trip through a travel agency. Whether you are looking to make a quick getaway or arrange a prolonged special family holiday, the fact that agencies, such as TravelRepublic.co.uk are comprised of dedicated professionals who pro-actively seek to find you the deal that suits you the most should encourage you from the offset. I also tend to prefer going through an agency because of the promotions they regularly offer on package deals that include hotels, car hire and most importantly, flights.

Travel Republic is a great online alternative for those seeking to book from the comfort of their own home, and the bonus of using it is that it guarantees the lowest prices available on the web. If you are still unsure about using online options like this one, Expedia, or Lastminute.com, most offer a hotline, through which you can speak to a sales representative and get any doubts you have out of the way.

Travel Agency

If you are short for time, this option is also great because they effectively do everything for you, and you can rest assured as most agencies offer included travel insurance. There is a common misconception that travel agencies imply spending more than arranging things yourself. However, most offer significant discounts to counteract the trend of people refraining from going to use them and favouring booking directly on airline websites, and travel agents also usually establish flexible deals with airlines on wholesale deals to boost competitiveness.

It is more than important to mention that people who work at travel agencies, running websites or physical shops on the high street, are subjected to intensive training to become experts on subjects that are often crucial in a foreign country. That is, you cannot always be aware of the local regulation policy framework or specific laws on certain things, simply because you do not have the time to do so.

Travel agents are thus experts on visa regulations and applications, as for instance, if you want to go to the United States with a South American passport, you need to apply for a visa with plenty of time.

Ecotourism is also a factor to keep in mind, as travel agents will be able to advise you on pertinent issues like what not to do in a pristine conservation reserves, for instance at a Safari in South Africa. Ecological conservation is an extremely sensitive and relevant issue today, and travel agents are likely to give you comprehensive advice also because it benefits them as a sustainable business practice policy.

If, for example, you need to go on a business trip to Malaysia, if you have not been there before, you will probably need to learn the basic aspects of that culture and legal framework, because it is very different to that of the United Kingdom. Another example would be going to Dubai, and being advised on what the alcohol consumption policy is there.

Another aspect on which travel agents will be able to help you is with inoculation requirements and arrangements if you are travelling to parts of Africa that have problems with malaria, or any other country with required vaccinations against diseases.

To conclude, all the issues I have mentioned are resolved by your travel agent or can be snapped up at a great price at the click of a button online. Admittedly, the physical shops on the high street have gone down in popularity due to the technological transformation that the internet has propelled. People usually prefer to stay at home and book their holiday or business trip through a strictly online based company like the one I’ve mentioned above. These sites use heuristic run search engines to find you the cheapest deal, or the luxury resort most suited to you, along with the perks you may want.

Here is a recap of all the great features that booking through travel agencies can offer, and remember they usually provide the best prices available!

  1. Hotels
  2. Flights
  3. Car Hire
  4. City guides and recommendations
  5. Promotions
  6. Ease of access
  7. Lesser effort required
  8. Friendly advice
  9. Professional expertise
  10. Extra consumer protection

Guest Author: Ted Hunter on behalf of Travel Republic. Travel Republic offers cheap holidays to Egypt. Ted is a freelance writer and a web enthusiast who loves everything about design and technology. He loves to write and share exciting and informative discoveries around his field of interest.

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